September 5, 2012

Fill in the Blank

On Monday I showed you the progress we've made on turning our loft into a lounge/upstairs living room:

I also showed you the blank wall that I wasn't sure what to do with:

I was set on painting it navy but just for fun, I thought I'd ask for other ideas on HomeTalk.

I honestly didn't think I'd get a lot of responses (since topics tend to get buried quickly) so I was shocked when I found out that my question had been posted to their Facebook page! A lot of people weighed in with their ideas on what to do with the wall and now I have a lot of different options to choose from :)

I thought I'd share the options I liked the most with you (so you can weigh in on them as well!) in case you're not part of the HomeTalk community yet :)

Option #1: Paint the wall a color to eliminate the beige box

This is what I was originally planning on doing so I'm happy other people thought it was a good idea too. Around 8 o'clock last night, I painted a swatch of navy on the walls to see what it'd look like:

It was late at night but I already loved how much it cozied up the room. I'm going to wait to see the swatch in the morning before I make a decision because I don't want the room to look like a Smurf if the blue isn't right haha

Option #2: Add a mirror to make the space feel larger

Funny story about this suggestion: I actually had a very large floor mirror propped up on the wall to see how it'd look when I was bringing in the accessories! You can see it on the left of the crappy cell phone pic I snapped below:

I liked the look but the mirror I was using is very large and very leather (like Chester) and I just felt like it was too much so I removed it.

I am thinking of bringing another mirror in though because the light that streams in from the window would bounce off of it and make the room feel larger. Plus, it'll reflect the light from the 3 windows in our foyer! But why stop at one mirror when a bunch of mirrors would look cool?!

[ Image via Apartment Therapy ]

Is that narcissistic? If you were hanging out in the loft with me, do you think it'd be weird to have your reflection staring back at you the whole time? Maybe I'm the only crazy one who thinks of these things... anyway...

Option #3: Hang multiple shelves up to display art/collections

This isn't something I would have thought of but it's a great idea! I could layer multiple pieces of art on the shelves and it would be a twist on the usual gallery wall:

[ Image via All Things Stylish ]

[ Image via Chris Loves Julia ]

I could also incorporate smaller collectable items and easily switch the art out if I get sick out if or get a new piece.

Another option that I thought of a while back is to create a pallet wall like Katie Bower did in her son's old nursery:

[ Image via Bower Power ]

I still love this idea but I don't know if I'd be able to find enough pallets. Also, do you think it'd make the room look too cabin-y?

Other suggestions from my HomeTalk discussion included painting a mural, installing a water feature, hanging a quilt, hanging some 3D sculptures, adding some bookshelves, and painting the wall with chalkboard paint. All great ideas!

Can you guess what I've decided to do?


  1. I think that was only 3 options...haha. How about combining #1 and #2. I love the idea of combining the chunky mirrors in the Apartment Therapy picture with your navy wall color.

  2. That's what I get for writing the post late at night! I took out the 5 options part haha But yes, options 1 and 2 it is! I'm going to pick up the paint after work to hopefully paint the wall tonight and I've already started bidding on vintage mirrors on eBay :D

  3. ok i am in luuuurve with the pallet wall idea. i may use this in my house. free pallets are always behind grocery stores

  4. I love the pallet wall too! I think I'm going to try it somewhere else in the house on a smaller wall though. Also, I thought taking pallets from behind stores was illegal? Maybe I'm thinking of milk crates...


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