September 13, 2012


Back in May I was contacted by Lisa who asked me if I'd like to be a room designer for an upcoming website she was launching. I was excited about the opportunity so I jumped on board and have been collaborating with her ever since. The site launched yesterday and I'm excited to have you guys check it out!

The first mood board I designed for Guroom is a contemporary living room:

My board is one of many on the site that can help you see how different items look together in a room. Each item featured in the room I designed is one I'd buy for my own home, especially that gorgeous gray tufted sofa :)

Custom mood boards from interior designers can cost a lot of money but Guroom's are free to look at and get inspired by! The best part about them? If you see an item on a board that you like, you can buy it right away without having to do a countless amount of Google searches for "gray tufted sofa" or "southwestern style rug" like I've done in the past when I've seen something I liked on a mood board. Go check out the site and see for yourself!

What do you think of the room I designed? Not bad for my first time as a real designer, huh?

PS: It still feels weird to be considered a "real" designer by others when I'm winging things half the time haha

Disclosure notice: I'm a room designer for Guroom and I'll receive a small commission for each item that's purchased from my room designs. I wasn't paid or perked to write this post -- I wrote it to fill you in on what I've been up to elsewhere outside of my blog :)


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