September 12, 2012

Linen Lovelies

After we painted the blank wall in our loft Valspar's "Indigo Streamer", I started to look around online for drapes that would go with everything else in the room.

One search lead to another and somehow I stumbled upon IKEA's AINA drapes (in gray):

[ Image via IKEA

I don't think they're new to IKEA but somehow I've never seen them before online or in the store (I guess I wasn't looking haha). The color looked good and I liked that they were 100% linen so I made a quick mock up of our loft with the navy wall and the AINA curtains to see how everything would look together.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! I liked what I saw but there was a slight problem. The drapes aren't available for sale online and the closest IKEA to me is 2 hours away so I hit up eBay to see if I'd have any luck. A couple of people were selling the drapes but they wanted $59.99 + $12.99 for shipping meaning it'd cost over $20 to buy them on eBay than it would to buy them in store at IKEA.

I thought I was going to have to wait to get them (or find another option) but I checked eBay again before going to bed and someone had listed a pair for $39.99 ($10 cheaper than IKEA's price!) + $12.99 shipping! I bought them immediately and only paid $3 more than I would have at IKEA :D

Here they are hanging out in the loft (don't mind the wrinkles!):

I love how they look with Chester and the navy wall:

If you can't tell, I DIY'd another pipe curtain rod for the drapes (it's a sickness, I'm telling you!) and hung it high and wide above our window.

I love how light and airy the drapes are and I love the linen texture! By the way, the color of the drapes in the photo below is the closest to how they actually look in real life.

After I hung the drapes, I started thinking about other finishing touches the room could use. We still need to replace the lighting but before we do that, I think we're going to add a sofa table behind Chester:

There's only 10" of space between the back of the couch and the wall but I could always move everything forward more to make more space. I think a simple table would be nice and would allow me to bring some table lamps and other little accessories into the room. Adding a table will also make my boyfriend happy since just yesterday he commented on how many lamps I own that don't have homes after I told him I wanted to buy another pair haha

I'm thinking about DIYing a table so I can customize the dimensions but I might end up with something from a big box store! You'll just have to wait and see :)


  1. “Navy walls are different & interesting” “LOVE the dark wall color w/ brown sofa, pillows, AINA curtains. The mix works!”

  2. Wow-I just live that wall. I wish I were that brave! Those drapes are great too-I'm going to add those to my list for possibilities for my dining room!


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