September 3, 2012

Loft Progress

Remember how I was so excited to go to IKEA over the weekend? Well, that trip didn't happen :(

I took my car in for new brakes on Friday morning thinking it was going to be pretty cheap but that's never the case when you take your car in, is it? I needed some additional work done and the entire job ended up draining my IKEA budget so the boyfriend and I stayed home doing other projects instead.

One of those projects involved making some progress on our loft lounge area. On Friday night we cleared off my desk so we could move it out of the loft and center Chester on the window my desk used to sit under:

Then on Saturday I shopped the other rooms of our house so I could bring in additional pieces of furniture. I took the bench from our bedroom and the two black chairs from our desks. The round accent table was hanging out in our guest room looking for a home:

I wasn't sure about the chairs at first but they've grown on me. They're tufted like Chester and I like how they bring some darkness to the other side of the room which helps balance Chester out.

After I had the furniture arranged, I brought in a bunch of different accessories and tweaked things until I liked what I saw:

Fun fact #1: I bought the deep sea diver helmet decoration, the faux topiary (which, according to the tag I ripped off, is actually a preserved one), and the ruffled pillow that's sitting on Chester all on Saturday morning!

Fun fact #2: The stack of books all came from the Dollar Tree :)

Ready for some more progress pics?

Fun fact #3: I feel like our loft looks like an old school gentleman's lounge where older guys would smoke cigars and sip whiskey in haha

I haven't decided if I'm going to add a rug or not...

I think our loft looks pretty good considering we put it together in 2 days but there's still a lot that we'd like to do. For starters, we need to get rid of the builder's boob light:

We also need to add some drapes to the window and do something with the big blank wall:

I'm thinking about painting it navy or charcoal and adding a gallery wall. At the very least, I'm going to hang our massive print (that used to hang above our condo's fireplace) on the wall:

What would you do with the blank wall? What projects did you get done over the weekend? Any 2-day room transformations?


  1. ooo I love the way the navy wall looks and that painting looks fantastic on it! Too bad on IKEA!

  2. Thanks Crystal! IKEA will happen one of these days haha

  3. Navy!! LOVE the navy! I agree 100% with Crystal.


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