September 11, 2012

Loft Rug Roundup

Yesterday I told you that one of the 3 things we still wanted to address in the loft had been taken care of. It has been as of now but yesterday was a different story.

We weren't able to finish it on my lunch break like I had planned so we had to do it when I got home from work. This meant that the sun had pretty much gone down and the photos were dark and grainy so because of that, I won't be sharing after photos with you until tomorrow. Here's a dead giveaway sneak peak to hold you over until then :)

For now, let's talk about rugs!

I'm actually still deciding on whether or not I want to add a rug to the loft:

But if I do decide to add one, it'll most likely be one of these six...

Rug #1
Alvine Ruta // IKEA

[ Image via IKEA ]

I've talked about this rug before and although I didn't get around to seeing it at IKEA last month, I'm still keeping it as an option. I like the mustard/gold pattern and the fact that the blue ties in with the navy wall and the gray ties in with what I'm going to show you tomorrow! :)

Rug #2
Moroccan Trellis Rug // Rugs USA

[ Image via Rugs USA ]

I used to own the charcoal version of this rug:

It lived in our condo's master bedroom but I sold it before we moved into our new house because ours had some manufacturing issues and the gray was more of a blue-gray than a true gray, which I didn't like. It was going to cost over $300 to ship the rug back which is why I ended up keeping it.

That being said, I do like the beige and chocolate version of the rug above and I think it'd look nice with the other neutrals in the loft. However, it's one of my safer options and I worry that a new version will have the same issues my old one did.

Rug #3
Slink Rug // CB2

[ Image via CB2 ]

I really like the pattern of this rug but I wish it came in other colors. The red is nice but I think the red rug paired with the navy wall will make our loft look like it's ready for the 4th of July year round. Does anyone else feel like that when they see blue and red together? Maybe all of the neutrals in the room would help minimize the patriotism...

Rug #4
Keno Trellis Rug // Rugs USA

[ Image via Rugs USA ]

The trellis pattern of this rug is similar to option #3's pattern above but the larger pattern is nice and isn't as busy as the other one. I like the mustard color and the simple white border makes the rug look a little more finished.

Rug #5
Koldby Cowhide // IKEA

[ Image via IKEA ]

I already have a cowhide in my living room:

But I've been wanting to get another one since I like the look so much. The organic shape would break up the lines of the furniture in the loft and would add some nice texture under foot.

I got my cowhide at a local Gem Show back in January and can get another one at the show next January but if I don't want to wait that long, IKEA's Koldby cowhide is my back up plan.

Rug #6
Ikat Rug // Safavieh

[ Image via Safavieh ]

I bought this rug from HomeGoods back in April and it's currently in our bedroom:

It looks nice with the rest of the room but ever since I took that photo 3 months ago, we've moved the bench into the loft and the cowhide into the living room.

Since our dogs like to play in our bedroom, the rug is constantly getting shifted and without anything to hold it down (like the bench), it's starting to bunch up and crease no matter how many times we straighten it out. I'd like to relocate it before it gets ruined but I don't know if it's a good fit for the loft.

If you were picking, which rug would you choose?


  1. I like rug 1 and 4...maybe because I was working on Archer's mood board last night and I was going the blue/mustard color route so I'm definitely onboard with that color scheme. Might have to get that Ikea rug for him!

  2. Yeah I think I'm going to go rug #1. I keep thinking about it and I like the pattern but we'll see! I can't wait to see what you have in store for Archer's room :)


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