September 10, 2012

Navy Baby

Guess what I did Wednesday night?

Yep, I painted the blank wall in our loft navy blue! The dark wall makes the open room feel so cozy and I LOVVVEEE it! So much so that I find myself taking random trips upstairs just to stare at the wall haha

After I got off work, I stopped at Lowe's to pick up a gallon of Valspar's Indigo Streamer (in satin) AKA my go-to blue. I've used it before on my console table makeover:

As well as my vintage campaign dresser makeover:

And ever since then, it's become my favorite navy. I painted a sample of it on the wall before I committed to it just to be sure it was "the one":

But I secretly knew it was the blue I was going to use all along :)

The photo below is the closest representation of how the color looks in real life. It's nice and dark and not aqua at all :)

Now that the wall is painted, we can address other things in the room like the lack of drapes:

The ugly boob lighting:

And whether or not I should add a rug:

One of those things has already been taken care of though. Stop by tomorrow to find out what it is!

In the meantime, what do you think of the navy wall?

By the way, as I was taking these photos, I realized that I forgot to show you the right side of the room last week (don't mind the floor mirror, it's not staying there):

I had a couple of people tell me that I should rearrange the furniture but I can't. See that half wall above? If I put any piece of furniture in front of it, my mischievous little Cairn Terrier will climb on it, find her way up to the walls ledge and fall down to the foyer's tile floor below. The thought of her dying is one I can't deal with so the furniture is staying put!


  1. Love that navy! Writing down that name! It looks so great with the leather Chester! I have a single black wall in my all-white living room and it is amazing what it does in terms of added "depth" and making the room look larger.

    p/s: You are super woman for painting during the week. I can never bring myself to wield a brush after work.

  2. i love that navy. wondering if i should do one or all the walls that dark in the boys room... btw thanks for the anxiety attack picturing a dog falling to its death lol

  3. I love it! I'm going to paint a blue accent wall in Archer's room soon...maybe in a couple weeks since we have family visiting this coming weekend. I feel like you should be blue and painting are your thing and shouldn't be missed! LOL

  4. Thanks Emily! A black wall sounds awesome! I thought about doing a chalkboard wall instead of navy but I think I'm going to use chalkboard paint elsewhere :)

    Oh and I could never knock out an entire room after work haha This wall took about 4 hours to tape off and do two coats and that was with my boyfriend rolling while I cut in. I touched it up the next night and that took about another hour.

    Amber - Do it! I'll send you a pic that I saved of a little boy's room that was all navy and had some green and red accents. It was adorable! PS: Sorry for the anxiety attack!

  5. Thanks Crystal! Blue and painting kind of is my thing now and I'm sad I'll be missing the fun haha Can't wait to see the color you choose!

  6. I LOVE it! And I'm not over exaggerating at all. That's really similar to the color we have in our son's room, and it's one of my favorites.

  7. Hi Caitlin,
    Just found your blog on google and wanted to tell you that I love your style!
    Julia (@


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