September 18, 2012

Syroco Score: Federal Mirror

Speaking of mirrors, ten days ago I won a Syroco Federal Mirror on eBay and over the weekend, it arrived on my doorstep in all of its vintage glory:

The mirror is made from a plastic mold but the color and details make it look like carved wood:

When I was bidding on the mirror, I was planning on spray painting it gold as soon as it arrived but I changed my mind after I opened the box. I love the wooden look and the tiny gold details on the raised circles:

Sidenote: I just noticed that green paint on the right under the gold circle. Normally something like that would bother me but since it's a vintage mirror, I think it adds character! I think...

And the Eagle at the top:

If you couldn't tell from the photos above, I hung the mirror in the center of the navy wall in our loft:

And can't wait to surround it with more mirrors!

Have you scored anything awesome on eBay lately?


  1. Oh lordy, I can't let D see this. He's still cranky with me that I didn't pull the trigger on a huge silver eagle that he wanted to put on the ROOF.

  2. I'd have to say that my last ebay score was our pineapple door knocker a few months back. I love the mirror by the way!

  3. Amy - Hahaha can you even imagine telling people "Uh, yeah, just look for the house with the silver Eagle on the roof..."?

    Thanks Crystal! I always forget about eBay when I'm looking for decor items but your pineapple door knocker and my mirror have me searching the site more often :)

  4. My mother has the same mirror on her den wall with matching sconces which hold fake candles. The set was part of our mobile home decor from the mid-60s before my mother married a man wealthy enough to park her in an ocean front home on the coast of NC. She loved it and kept it. It brings back warm memories when we didn't realize how little we had but had just enough.


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