October 23, 2012


After talking about it for months, I finally made the hour and a half long trip up to IKEA over the weekend! So thankful to Johnny for giving us a reason to make the trip :)

Anyway, the Tempe marketplace is undergoing renovations until the end of next month so a lot of the items were MIA but thankfully their furniture selection was fully stocked because it allowed us to FINALLY get a dining room table!

It only took us 5 months haha

Ignore the art in the background. We're still deciding if the larger piece on the left is going to go on the blank wall and the smaller piece on the right has been claimed by my mom :)

In case the title didn't give it away, we got the BJURSTA table in brown and I LOVE it! The color matches our kitchen cabinets and entertainment center so well which is one thing I was really worried about since I don't like mixing wood finishes.

Back to the table...

We got the extendable version which came with two leaves that can be hidden underneath the table when not in use. We'll most likely leave the one leaf in year round and insert the other one for holiday get togethers or family gatherings.

[ Image via IKEA ]

Now that we've checked this beast off the list, it's time to start saving for some chairs, a rug, a new light fixture, and some curtains!

Oh money tree, where art thou?!


  1. I love you blog and the table is beautiful

  2. I totally feel your pain, sister. D made our table and we just did get it in this past weekend! It was a gaping hole till then, and we are still minus chairs. If you run across a money tree soon, please let me know where to find my own.

  3. Thanks Decora Adora! :)

    Amy - I can't wait to see your table! I'll definitely let you know where to find a money tree if I stumble upon one :)

  4. Let me know when you find one too! I was just browsing for a table and chairs a few days ago and they are so darn expensive!! So glad you got a table though!

  5. I love the table. Can't wait to see the rest of the room come together!
    I just went to Ikea on Monday too. It always feels like Christmas. I'm a huge Ikea fan.

  6. You've got good tastes, sista~ we've had the BJURSTA in a box for ages (still have to craigslist our current table)! We went with the bench on one side (also in a dang box), and chairs for the remaining seating. Can't wait to see how you style it! :)

  7. Crystal - Yes they are, it's ridiculous! Good luck on your hunt :)

    Julia - Thanks! Hopefully we can get some other things for the room by the end of the year! We shall see :)

    Hol - I was thinking about getting the bench too! :) I've also been eyeing a large tufted banquette for the one side but it's more expensive than the table so I think I'm going to end up passing on it unless it goes on super sale.


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