October 11, 2012

DIY Faux Pumpkin Topiary

I'm a little late to jump on the fall bandwagon but yesterday I DIY'd a pumpkin topiary in less than an hour!

I'm definitely not the first person to do this but here's how I made mine in case you want to make a similar one of your own :)

First, gather your supplies:

I had the E-6000 glue on hand but I had to buy the following:
  • Tall plastic cement-looking planter: Lowe's, $19.99 -- I'm still kicking myself for not grabbing Smith & Hawken's urn planter when it went on clearance at Target :( It would've been perfect!
  • Large white pumpkin: Target, $12.99 -- it was supposed to be $25 but the cashier couldn't find a price tag on it so she guessed the price and rang it up as $12.99!
  • 2 medium sized orange pumpkins: Target, $6.99/each
  • Small white pumpkin: Target, $2.99
  • Spanish moss: Michael's, $7.99

Once you have everything, grab the large white pumpkin and remove the stem from the top:

My pumpkins are made from some sort of hard styrofoam material so all I had to do was tug on the stem and it pulled right out. If your pumpkins are made of a different material, you may have to use scissors or wire clippers (depending on what the stem is made of) to remove it.

After the stem is removed, apply a few rings of E-6000 glue (or your glue of choice) to the top of the large white pumpkin:

Then take one of your medium sized orange pumpkins and place it on top of the glue covered white one:

To get the pumpkins to stick together, I pressed down on the top of the orange pumpkin and then moved it back and forth a little bit to make sure it was adhering to the white one. After everything was nice and stuck and no longer moving around, I repeated the stem removal process on the medium orange pumpkin:

After the stem was gone, I applied a few rings of E-6000 glue to the bottom of the second medium orange pumpkin:

Why the bottom? Since the two orange pumpkins are the same size, I wanted to make sure that I was applying the glue in the right spot so the top pumpkin would stick to the edges of the orange pumpkin below it.

After the glue had set up, I removed the stem of the second orange pumpkin and applied some glue to the top of it so I could stick my little white pumpkin in place:

I left the stem in place since it's my topper pumpkin and I wanted it to look like all of the pumpkins grew together in their topiary form.

After the topiary was finished:

It was time to get it into the large, cement looking planter.

Because the planter is really tall, I knew I'd have to fill the bottom with something that the pumpkin topiary could sit on. I thought about rocks and cardboard boxes but then on a whim, I shoved an old IKEA stool in the planter and it was the perfect fit!

I liked that the surface was nice and level and the top of the stool was almost the same width as the large white pumpkin so not a lot of the stool showed underneath:

It didn't matter if the stool showed or not because I ended up filling in the gaps and edges around the pumpkin topiary with Spanish moss:

I don't have any pictures of this step because I was rushing to go back to work but basically I took a handful of moss and shoved it in the gaps. I made sure to push some of the moss down into the planter so none of it would go flying into our yard if the wind blew.

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you, my house really is two different colors! It's actually 3 (4 if you include the front door/garage door color) but you can't see the third color in any of these photos.

After I finished adding the moss to the planter, I thought about adding some moss in between the pumpkins but I liked how simple they looked without the moss so I left them alone. Feel free to add some moss, branches, grapevines, berries, ribbons, etc. in between the pumpkins on your topiary though!

What do you think of the topiary? Have you decorated for fall yet? Stop by tomorrow to see what the rest of my fall front porch looks like!


  1. giiiirrrrllllll.... That is one fine looking topiary. I totally want one now.

  2. Like I said earlier...my first time to your website. I LOVE IT! Thank you for the step by step instructions with photos. Makes a "hands on, explain as we go" girl like me feel empowered to try anything you post! This topiary looks great! I will be ready next fall!


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