October 15, 2012

Halloween Porch

It's the moment you've all been waiting for! Wait, you mean you haven't been waiting to see my Halloween porch? ;)

Anyway, without further ado, let's take a look around!

I stuck this styrofoam tombstone to our door with a few Command strips. It's stuck pretty well so far and I like the floating look, I just hope the strips don't damage the paint.

The black circle vase filled with sticks was hanging out in our house but I wanted something for the right side of the door so I brought it outside and hung the "BOO" sign on it.

I also stuck some fake dollar store spiders through the holes on the sides:

Fun fact: the spiderweb "doormat" is actually a small table runner that I found in my Halloween stash! I taped it to the porch so it wouldn't blow away or move if someone were to step on it.

Dollar store spiders also took over our light:

Our DIY faux pumpkin topiary also got a bit of a makeover thanks to another dollar store spider, some fake chain, a dollar store rat, and a clearance crow from Michael's:

Everything on the ground came from my Halloween stash:

The crow's beady eyes freak me out haha

This was my first time decorating an outdoor space for Halloween (our condo didn't have a protected patio so I was afraid to decorate it) and I think it looks pretty good! Everything came from my Halloween stash except for the supplies I bought to make the topiary and the clearance tombstone on our front door.

I'm already planning out next year's decorations and I'm hoping I can score some big outdoor decor during the sales this year so I can do something over the top next year!

Are you a big Halloween decorator?


  1. Oh, I've been waiting all right. ;) Looks so cute!!

  2. It looks great! Your house colors are perfect for fall and I love the minimalist feel of your decorations.

  3. The topiary is genius! I can't believe there's a stool hidden inside! You've got me giving my planters and stools the squinty eyes these days! Certainly I can dream something up! You are so crafty!

  4. Haha Amy! I knew I could count on you :)

    Crystal - Thanks! I'm the only one in my neighborhood who decorated so it feels a little over the top to me haha

    Emily - Thanks! The stool in the planter is the best idea I think I've ever had haha So happy it fit!


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