October 5, 2012

Painted Powder Room

I finished painting our powder room a little after 1am Monday morning but when I started to remove the painter's tape, this happened in several places:

Which is why the post didn't go live earlier in the week like I had planned. I'm not sure what I did wrong but the paint was literally peeling off the walls!

As you can see in the first photo, I had initially painted the powder room navy:

I LOVED it (still do) but it ended up being wayyy too dark so I used KILZ primer to "undo" it and waited for it to dry while I ran around town gathering paint chips and paint sample pots. I ended up grabbing 59 gray paint chips (yes, I counted them) and 5 sample pots of gray paint.

I painted each of the samples onto the wall and every single one of them looked brown until Valspar's "Hazy Stratus" went up (AKA the last sample paint pot I grabbed on my way out the door):

It went on the wall looking brown as well but after it had dried, it looked like the exact shade of gray I had been searching for in my pile! I knew it was the winner so I ran back out to Lowe's and grabbed a gallon of Olympic One's Paint and Primer in One that I had color matched to Valspar's "Hazy Stratus" -- I prefer it over Valspar's paint.

I found the green "wash your hands" sign in the kids section of HomeGoods but you could easily DIY one of your own :)

Ignore the missing mirror, we've yet to find one we like!

The most true-to-life representation of the paint color is below:

It's hard to explain but the color is a bit of a chameleon. Sometimes it looks like a true gray, other times it looks brown and occasionally it looks like there's a green tint to it. It's pretty and I like it but I don't love it like I loved the navy. It's staying for now though!

After the paint had dried and all of the peeled paint touchups were done, I cleaned up my mess, hung our new hand towel ring and toilet paper holder, re-styled my shelves (RIP tall spiky ceramic cactus) and called it a night:

In case you didn't notice, we painted the ceiling as well!

The room isn't finished but did you notice anything new?

Yep, we replaced the light for the second time! While I loved the barn lighting sconce I found at Lowe's, it just didn't give off enough light.

The room was practically pitch black when it was navy but it didn't get much brighter even after we primed the walls so we knew it had to go.

I was able to return it to Lowe's and get my $25 back which I applied to the new light, Gatco Latitude 2's triple sconce light, also from Lowe's. It was a little more than what I wanted to spend ($98) but it was the light I had initially chosen before I changed my mind to the barn light so I'm happy it worked out in the end!

Now we just need to find a new mirror, a new soap pump, and add some other finishing touches to the room and then we can stick a fork in this mini makeover!

What do you think of the new paint color? Has the paint ever peeled off your walls after you removed the painter's tape? What caused it? Too many coats of paint, not enough drying time in between coats, or something else?


  1. I really love that navy color too but I think the new lighter color looks great! It occurred to me today (I looked at your post at work but wanted to comment when I had more time) that I might be able to do floating shelves in it! I still love yours so much. So I checked the bathroom tonight (it is this teeny tiny thing that I call a trailer bathroom) and I could put shelves that are about 6" deep in (because there's a window that would keep them from being any deeper). Definitely going to think about it!

    P.S. After some paint issues, I finally got my first coat of paint in the kitchen up tonight!

  2. Oooo! I love that color! We might have to find a spot for it in our home. :)

  3. As you probably know, leaving painters tape on too long will cause the kind of problem you've had. I take the tape off as soon as I've washed up the brushes - so about 10 minutes. Never leave overnight.

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