October 8, 2012

Pedestal Sink to Vanity Sink Idea

On Friday I showed you our newly painted powder room:

At the bottom of the post I had mentioned how some other finishing touches needed to be added to the room and one of those finishing touches is the possibility of switching out our current pedestal sink to a vanity sink with cabinets underneath for storage.

[ Image via Desire to Inspire ]

[ Image via Graciela Rutowski ]

[ Image via Guehne-Made ]
Not a closed cabinet but I like the wall to wall vanity with the vessel sink :)

Part of the reason I'd like to make the switch is because we can actually fit a decent sized vanity in the space! We have 39" to work with and I love for the cabinetry to go wall to wall if possible but a 36" vanity might have to work since 39" is an odd size. A vanity would also give us extra storage space for storing things (obviously) and the cabinet will hide the pipes that are currently showing behind our pedestal sink.

The other reason for the switch? The room looks nice as it is now but it needs a little something. My initial idea was to add a board and batten treatment around the bottom 1/3 of the room.

Unfortunately, our pedestal sink sits flush against the wall and is caulked all the way around which means that any boards we run vertically down the wall will hit the top of the sink. It's not a big deal but it might look a little funny.

I thought about adding sheets of beadboard to the bottom 1/3 of the walls (since it'd be thinner than a board) but there will be so. many. cuts. to make around the sink and toilet's plumbing and we're simply not skilled enough to make it look good/professional.

After I nixed the board and batten/beadboard ideas, I thought about adding a floor to ceiling accent wall but once again, cuts will need to be made around the pedestal sink. I love the idea but I'd like to keep my sanity and my boyfriend haha

[ Image via Jenna Sue ]

[ Image via Houzz ]

[ Image via The Pleated Poppy ]

Long story short, if we replace the pedestal sink with a vanity sink, we can start our accent wall above the vanity's backsplash and not have to deal with making any tricky cuts! Hurray!

I think we might have to call the pros to make the switch since we know nothing about plumbing and water shooting out every where isn't my idea of a good time haha

We're still toying with the idea but if we can find the perfect sized vanity and get a good quote from our contractor, we may pull the trigger sooner than later!

Have you ever swapped sinks? Did you have to call the pros or were you able to do it yourself?


  1. I love the vanity idea! Both of our bathrooms have not even a pedestal sink but just a sink bowl that is attached to a wall (sort like in a school bathroom). I hate them and someday hope to replace them with a vanity (at least one of them). I hope you find something that fits!

    P.S. I haven't posted about it yet but we ended up calling the pro do the plumbing for our kitchen sink.

  2. Thanks Crystal! IKEA's vanity's are at the top of our list right now (since they're cheap haha) but I might call our cabinet guy to see if he can install the same cabinets/counters that are in our other bathrooms for a cohesive look. And calling the plumber is definitely going to happen otherwise the switch will take months instead of days haha

  3. I love all the vanity inspirations. I'm not a big fan of pedestal sinks anyway! Everybody needs storage, right?
    I ordered a couple things for the bathroom from Overstock already and loved it! Did you ever check there?

  4. I haven't checked Overstock yet but I should since it'd only be $2.95 for shipping and I can usually find a coupon code or two to use! Great idea Julia :)


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