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Saver's Scores

October 25, 2012

After a bit of a dry spell, my boyfriend and I did a little thrifting Tuesday night. Well I thrifted, he just laughed at what I wanted to bring home haha

Our first stop was Goodwill where we struck out like usual. I don't know what it is about that place but ever since I scored my $15 campaign dresser there, I feel like I have to go back even though I haven't found anything since :(

Anyway, we went to Saver's after Goodwill since Saver's and I are like old friends. We don't see each other very often but when we do, we have a good time and I always wonder why we don't hang out more. Case in point:

I scored both of those bad boys for less than $10! $8.24 to be exact :)

The lamp was marked $4.99:

But it rang up as 25% off so I only had to pay $3.74 for it!

I'm not sure why there's also a $2 sticker on there but I'm assuming someone was trying to sell it at a garage/yard sale (based on the similar sticker people use to mark items) and it didn't sell so they brought it to Saver's.

The shade is dirty and stinky but I can always buy a new one!

I fell in love with the shape of the gold (brass?) base in the store:

And after we plugged it in and found out it worked, I may or may not have been as giddy as a schoolgirl haha

My boyfriend hates the thing (probably because I have 12 lamps waiting to find a spot in our house) but I see so much potential! I might leave it as-is (gold) but how pretty would it be spray painted white, navy, kelly green, or charcoal gray? The possibilities are endless!

I also saw potential in this frame:

I'll admit that it's not 100% my style (a little ornate) but it's HUGE (29 3/4" H x 33 1/2" L) and I loved the linen border (mat?):

Along with the chunky size of the frame:

It's a little beat up in some spots:

But I think it adds character! And it was only $6!

But just like the lamp, it also rang up as 25% off so that brought the price down to $4.50 :)

I haven't decided if I'm going to do anything to update the frame because the gold has kind of grown on me! I also think the frame has been gold leafed since I found this on the back:

I lightly touched it and some little pieces flaked off so I don't think it's paint but I could be wrong.

I also found the name of the frame shop stamped on the back which is where I'm assuming the frame was made:

I did a quick Google search but didn't see anything related to the name so who knows if the frame is worth any value. Doesn't matter to me though! Now I need to find something to frame...

What do you think of my $8.24 purchase? Have you been thrifting lately? Link to your finds in the comment section below - I'd love to check them out!


  1. The frame is great! I could use that one ;)
    And yes, I have been thrifting, I just bought a $25 chrome and brass coffee table last weekend and I love it. http://cuckoo4design.blogspot.com/2012/10/weekend-scores.html

  2. Your coffee table sounds awesome! Off to check it out :)

  3. Love it and I love gold! I usually don't find anything at Goodwill but then I rarely make it there...

  4. Me too! I've been on a bit of a gold kick lately haha


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