October 26, 2012


Our dining room table wasn't the only thing we got at IKEA over the weekend! We also got the 6-drawer TARVA dresser:

I had been eyeing it since it was released back in April but we didn't really need a dresser since our closet is gigantic and we don't have that many clothes to store. That all changed though when we rearranged our bedroom and were left with a blank wall that needed something.

I temporarily filled it with our campaign dresser and some storage ottomans but the arrangement looked "off". I checked Craigslist a few times but the dresser options were limited and the ones I liked on there were tall, not wide so TARVA was looking better and better and eventually won our vote.

We didn't add the knobs that came with the dresser because I have plans to update them with new knobs:

The dresser is made from solid pine and is a blank canvas full of possibilities! I'm not 100% sure on what I'm going to do with it but I've got some ideas floating around in my head.

Dresser Makeover Idea #1
Navy Paint + Gold Hardware

I'm thinking about painting the dresser navy because it'll pull the navy color from our bed's upholstery:

Across to the other side of the room and the gold hardware would pop off the dark paint! We also have gold nailhead trim on our nightstands so it'd match without matching, if that makes sense.

Dresser Makeover Idea #2
White + Wood Combo

I like what Aubrey and Lindsay did with their RAST dresser from IKEA:

[ Image via Aubrey and Lindsay ]

And think it could translate well onto a larger piece, like the TARVA. The only issue I'm having with this idea is that the RAST dresser has edges on the sides (since the drawers aren't flush with the sides) so you can see the stain which helps create a border effect.

The TARVA's drawers are flush with the edge of the dresser:

So if you were looking at it straight on, all you'd see would be white drawers with a stained top and base. I just think it might end up looking a little odd without the stained edge border.

Dresser Makeover Idea #3
Chalkboard Paint

Painting the dresser entirely in chalkboard paint was actually my boyfriends idea! He thought it'd be fun to label the drawers with what's in them (t-shirts, socks, underwear, etc.) and I love the idea! If we do go this route, we'd probably end up sealing the paint/labels/drawings with something so they don't rub off on us when we open the drawers.

Dresser Makeover Idea #4
Stained or Painted Dresser Body + Solid Painted Base

Maybe I could stain or paint the top of the dresser one color and then paint the base a different color like so:

Maybe add dipped legs to it too? I don't know, maybe that's too much haha Oh indecision, it seems you've gotten the best of me :(

If you were making over my dresser, what would you do?


  1. I think I would do #4... if I were skilled enough. ;) Looks awesome, and your bedroom is beautiful!

  2. Thanks Amy! I'll be posting more photos of our rearranged room soon and *hopefully* the dresser will make an appearance ... if I can make a decision haha

  3. You could also combine 3 and 4 - I love your bf's chalkboard idea but I think I'd be too scared to commit to sealing the chalk writing. Commitment is scary! haha. I do love the long handles on #4

  4. Your bedroom is awesome. I love 1 & 4 and I think the blue/gold would look great for sure.


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