November 6, 2012

Dining Room Art

In addition to finding homes for our Nate Berkus finds, we also added some art to the blank wall in our dining room:

If you're new here, this piece used to hang above the fireplace in our old condo's living room:

I had initially planned on hanging it in our new house's foyer but I changed my mind at some point so it's hanging out in our dining room for now.

Ignore the chandelier. It's not staying but we haven't found anything we love to replace it with yet. It also needs to be moved about two feet over to the right but I still have to get a quote from my contractor for that since I don't think I can move it myself.

Now that we have that taken care of, the next item we need to address on our ever-growing list is some dining chairs! In case you're wondering, we're planning on getting 4 of these chairs for the main seating on either side of the table:

[ Images via World Market ]

Sidenote: The chairs are much more gray in person (like the gray in the table runner) and don't look pink at all like the photos show.

And then we plan on adding 2 different head chairs to the ends of the table down the road.

The chairs above are on sale at our local World Market for $97 each (25% off!!!) which isn't bad at all and is much less than the previous chairs I had my eye on! Fingers crossed I can save enough moola before the sale ends on the 22nd!

Have you guys added any art to a room lately?

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  1. The art fits really well there and I love those chairs!

  2. I have these exact chairs in my dining room with the same fabric as your table runner as curtains. The chairs are great! A bit of a pain to assemble but still a great deal.

  3. I love the chairs. They'll look great with your table. Exactly what I would get. Unfortunately I can't replace my wicker chairs and get fabric because of my 4 cats and 2 kids :( I'm so jealous! LOL

  4. Elizabeth - Yay! Good to know! I loved them in the store but it's always nice to hear a real person's opinion :)

    Amber - It's the BJURSTA from IKEA if you're interested :)

    Julia - Thanks! I think I'm going to Scotch Guard them to protect them from any spills or future kids' sticky hands :)

  5. I love those chairs, and the art looks perfect there!

    Kelly @ View Along the Way


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