November 29, 2012

Dining Room Rug Options

We're quickly approaching our 6th monthiversary in our new house and while we've accomplished a lot in the time that we've been here, there's still so much we need to do - things I thought we'd have completed by now. I know it takes time to put a house together but sometimes it's hard to keep that in mind when your to do list is literally staring you in the face on a daily basis.

Anyway, one of those things that can easily be checked off our to do list is a rug for our dining room.

I'm 100% certain this purchase won't happen until after Christmas but it's fun to daydream right now!

Here's what I was initially thinking for the room/rug - cream chairs with a gray rug:

But then I bought gray chairs so a gray rug is now out. Why? I just think a gray rug with gray chairs would be too monochromatic.

Since our house has an open floor plan, I've thought about buying another one of Nate Berkus' dhurrie rugs (like the one we have in our living room) to help the rooms feel more unified since they occupy the same space:

The rug is virtually indestructible and I think it'd work well under a dining table with chairs sliding on top of it. Plus the gray and yellow combo would look nice together :)

I've been considering other options as well like this one:

[ Image via Overstock ]

I like that the chevron pattern coordinates with my Nate Berkus rug but it's not an identical match. I also like that the navy blue ties in with the drapes on our sliding glass door and the console table I made over. The only con that I can think of is that it's wool and I'm worried that it won't clean up as well as a natural fiber rug. Oh and the pattern is a little busy.

I also like this rug:

[ Image via Overstock ]

I actually used to have this rug (in gray) but I sold it before we moved because the one I received was messed up in a lot of places and it was going to cost me more than I paid for the rug to ship it back.

I'm hesitant to order another one for that reason but I do love the pattern and think it'd pair well with my NB one. Cons? It's also wool and my dogs claws tore the crap out of our other one.

Other options include:

A faux cowhide rug //

[ Image via Overstock ]

A jute fiber rug //

[ Image via Overstock ]

And 'Suit Yourself' FLOR Tiles //

[ Image via FLOR ]

If you couldn't tell by now, I'm having trouble deciding. Maybe that's why our house isn't as far along as I'd like it to be ;)

Which rug would you choose? Have another rug idea? Please share!

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  1. Hi! I LOVE your chairs. Where did you find them? I'm a new follower from Dare to DIY!

  2. Hi Alli! Thanks for following :) I got my chairs at World Market about two weeks ago. They're the gray tufted dining chairs but it looks like they're backordered online. Maybe your local store would have them in stock though!

  3. Okay I'm probably the last person to give rug advice, but I bought a pottery barn chunky jute rug for my formal dining and the west elm diamond jute for my nook. Neither one worked in their areas. The weaving on the rug made the chairs wobbly, and they always got stuck. Serious pain. I love how jute looks though.

  4. That sucks! I hadn't even thought about the wobbly issue. I love jute too but my boyfriend hates how they feel under his feet so I'm sure he would have vetoed that choice anyway haha

  5. I'm a fiend for animal hide, so I might not be the best one to ask.... (THE FAUX HIDE!!!)

  6. Hmmm the navy ones would look awesome and they may be easy to move to another room if you decide later that you want something else in the dining room. I like the hide...if it is faux! lol

  7. I love the Nate Berkus rug! I have the same one in black.

  8. Amy - Hahaha!

    Crystal - Yep, the hide is faux! I like the navy ones the more I think about it. Hmmm...

    Tiana - Awesome! I love that rug :)

  9. All of your updates look amazing!!! Question where is your tic tac toe set from. I have been looking for something bold and big for our coffee table. Oh and kid friendly!!!
    Thanks in advance!

  10. Thanks Esme! My boyfriend got the tic tac toe set for me for Christmas last year from HomeGoods. It looks identical to this version that Z Gallerie is selling though and the pieces are large enough that they shouldn't be a choking hazard:


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