November 21, 2012

DIY Pumpkin Place Card Holder

Ready for the easiest DIY place card holder tutorial ever? Here we go!

I found these little glittered styrofoam pumpkins in the dollar bins at Michael's a couple of weekends ago. They came 2 to a pack and were $1.50, or 75¢ each:

To make them into place card holders, I took a razor blade and cut a small slice across the top of the pumpkin:

I didn't cut very deep, just deep enough for the place card to slide into the stem and sit on top of the pumpkin's ridges.

Then I repeated the same cutting process for each place card holder I needed:

Inserted the place cards I designed to match my "I'm thankful for..." dry erase board:

And voila!

Instant place setting personalization!

Told you it was easy! :)

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  1. ahahaha! Those are adorable, and with guests like those you are in for a very interesting dinner discussion!!

  2. Is Penny coming? Did you see the flash mob dance that they did for their live audience?

  3. Amy - Haha thanks!

    Crystal - Penny will be there! ;) And yes, I saw that! I loved it! Best part - Sheldon/Jim just standing there haha


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