November 9, 2012

Dollar Store Dinnerware

That description may not conjure up the most beautiful plates and bowls but I'm here to prove you wrong!

Feast your eyes on these babies:

Not exactly what you'd expect to find at the dollar store, am I right?!

I didn't intend to buy more dinnerware but I couldn't resist the urge when I saw a pic of the dishes that Cleverly Inspired had Instagrammed on Tuesday. She said she got them at the dollar store so I asked which one and thankfully she revealed her source -- Dollar Tree!

I hemmed and hawed about whether or not to buy them but I figured that since they were only $1, it couldn't hurt to check them out, right? Right :)

Well "checking them out" led to wanting them so I grabbed 10 of the plates Wednesday night (no bowls), headed to the checkout, and smiled all the way back home.

Then I realized that the holidays are right around the corner and these plates are a little fancier than my everyday ones so I went back to pick up 2 more plates and 12 bowls on my lunch hour yesterday. Holidays = more people over = more dinnerware needed :)

They have two rows of a simple beaded design around the edges and look eerily similar to Pottery Barn's Emma dinnerware:

[ Image via Pottery Barn ]

I paid $24 for all 12 plates and 12 bowls. Want to know how much 4 dinner plates (no bowls) from Pottery Barn's Emma collection cost? $48!!! That means all 24 of my pieces cost half the price of 4 of PB's pieces! Crazy, right?!

In case you're curious, the plates are made by Royal Norfolk:

I think they've gone out of business because when I Google'd their name, no website/info came up, just a bunch of listings for their dinnerware on eBay and a replacements website.

I'm planning on pairing them with my wood slice salad plates for Thanksgiving:

Now I just need to find some chargers and napkins before I can reveal my tablescape! Oh and chairs, I need those too :)

Moral of the story? Best. Dollar Store Deal. Ever.

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  1. WOW, seriously...I want them too. I don't even know if we have a dollar tree around here. I'll be looking.

  2. I have been eying those plates for a while now! But even for the $24 my husband would kill me if I brought home more dinnerware! I have 3 sets AND china for 30!!! Love the pairing for Thanksgiving!

  3. Julia - If you can find a Dollar Tree, they were at the front of my store right when you walk in kind of by the Christmas stuff. Good luck!

    Tiffany - Oh wow, that's a lot of dinnerware! I'm afraid to count my stash haha

  4. So funny you posted this - earlier this week I picked up 41 pieces of awesome white dinnerware from Goodwill for only $25!! Love a good deal and the beading on yours is so pretty!

  5. How fun! Love a good deal and pretty new dinnerware :)

  6. What a find! I don't need dishes either but I may find myself in a nearby Dollar Store tomorrow...just checking things out! ;)

  7. Holy cow! Those are so cute! And I think they look upscale! I always check out the Dollar Store hoping to find something neat, but I need your eye!

  8. Wow - awesome find! Love the beading. You'll be able to use them in all sorts of settings.

  9. Right?! I'm so excited about them that they may just become my new everyday dishes haha

  10. I actually love those so much more than the PB versions! Score 100 for Dollar Tree!

    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  11. Oh wow.. I am going to have to head to Dollar Tree tonight and hope they still have them!! Love your blog and your home and your taste!

  12. I have these same ones and honestly (as a single guy) I purchased them because they were inexpensive and I was having thanksgiving at my house for the first time last year. Everyone loved them, especially my sister. She was so bummed when we couldn't find more after Thanksgiving that we ended up splitting the 20 I purchased between us.

    FYI...almost all Dollar Tree dishes are branded Royal Norfolk. I assume it is a house brand that they use on everything.

  13. Great find! I have seen those before. Will be looking for thEm for the holidays. I found some beautiful aqua color ones today that just go well with my decor colors!

  14. Looks gorgeous, but check that they do not contain lead in them.

  15. I am looking for so much more of them. I bought 78 of them hopping around all the Dollar Tree Stores in Nampa and Boise. Now they came out with another beauty with floral embossed on the edge, very beautiful, same Royal Norfolk, I bought 132 of them. Using them for my rental biz.


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