November 19, 2012

I'm Thankful For Dry Erase Board

Thank you to Decor and the Dog for including my dry erase board in her 'Be Thankful' features round up!

I've never decorated for Thanksgiving before because I'm one of those people who can't wait to decorate for Christmas after taking down my Halloween decor. That being said, I wanted to make our first Thanksgiving in our new house feel special so to ensure that it does, I signed up to participate in the Dare to DIY series Chelsea, Kim, Michelle, and Rachel are hosting.

Our first projects instructions were to DIY a Thanksgiving project that reminds you to be grateful during the season. One of the things I'm most grateful for is my friends and family and in order to be reminded of them throughout the season, I created a modern day twist on a guest book that everyone can sign when they come over to fall into a tryptophan coma with us!

Meet my "I'm Thankful For..." dry erase board/modern guest book:

I created the sign in Illustrator (making sure to leave plenty of room for people to sign it) and then I took it to Staples and had them print it on their plotter:

When I got home, I grabbed an empty frame that I had lying around (a twin to the one that's hanging around the cardboard deer in my living room) and got to framing my print:

After it was framed, I took down the clock we had hanging in our kitchen:

And replaced it with the sign:

The sign is hanging close to where everyone will be gathering to get their turkey on T-Day and while they're waiting to fill up their plates, they can grab a dry erase marker and tell me what they're thankful for!

When the sign fills up, all I have to do is grab a damp paper towel (or Windex and a paper towel), wipe down the glass and then the signing can start all over again!

Want to know the best part? Because I'm incredibly thankful for you guys -- my readers, subscribers, commenters, e-mailers, etc. -- I'm offering you a free printable of the sign so you can make a dry erase board of your own!

It's an 8x10 print and you can download it by clicking here :)

Now tell me, what are you thankful for?

I'm sharing this project at the Dare to DIY party hosted by Decor and the Dog, Maybe Matilda, Newly Woodwards, and Two Twenty One!

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  1. Love the idea and the simple design!
    Unfortunately I'm not spending Thanksgiving at our home.

  2. Thanks Julia! Maybe I'll make a new printable for next year that you can use if you'll be home :)

  3. I love that frame! It's perfect for this project! Thanks for the printable!

  4. That is a great idea and so adorable!! Today I'm thankful for diet dr pepper.... ;)

  5. Thanks! I'm thankful for diet rootbeer so we're on the same page haha

  6. This is so adorable! I love the idea of family filling this out while they celebrate at your home. Great job and nice to meet you! :)

  7. *gasp* YOUR KITCHEN! Oh my, so pretty. I love it. And I love the sign! That's such a cool idea--I've seen some dry erase type prints before in frames, but I LOVE the idea of using it as a Thanksgiving guest book. Great idea. Thanks so much for joining in!

  8. So cute and what a wonderful idea! I love the frame too- I think I need one! :)

  9. I love, love, love this idea. And I want that frame. Wherever did you get purchase it?

    Thanks for joining in on the DIY fun!!

  10. Thank you! And thanks for co-hosting! I the frame at Michael's a few years ago and it had been sitting in my stash ever since haha

  11. Love this idea! What a neat way to communicate your thanks with loved ones all season!

  12. Thanks Jessica! I wish I had hung it earlier in the month so we had more time to write messages. Next year for sure! :)

  13. What a neat idea! And I love that frame! And I love your kitchen. And I love your 'EAT' sign. :) Thanks for linking up!


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