November 8, 2012

In-Progress Master Bedroom Tour

Our master bedroom (like the rest of our house) is no where near close to being considered "finished" but since it's a lot further along than some of the other rooms (AKA actually has some furniture in it), I thought I'd invite you in for an in-progress tour :)

I went on a bit of a spending spree before our move and bought our king-sized bed, our bench, and our two nightstands. Not the smartest idea I've ever had but at least our room is furnished, right? Heh...

Anyway, this is the view from the large bedroom window on the right. I'm hoping that one day those trees will grow taller to help disguise the roofs of the houses behind us.

You may remember the bench from our loft. I brought it back into our bedroom so our little lady (our Cairn Terrier) could get on the bed whenever she felt like it instead of having to wait for me to pick her up and put her up there. Our other dog sleeps on it at night so needless to say they're happy it's back haha

I also brought the black chairs in from our loft to test out a sitting area. I like the look but I don't know if it's going to stay. And yes, Chester is lonely since all his furniture friends left him to live in here haha

The sunburst mirror used to hang over our campaign dresser but then we re-arranged the room to this new layout (our bed used to be on the wall where the black chairs/mirror are now). Since I haven't decided what to do with that corner, I left the mirror up hoping it'd spark an idea. It hasn't :(

I got our nightstands at HomeGoods two days after we moved in and about killed myself trying to push two carts (one for each nightstand) around the store haha

I'd love to add a sliding barn door in front of the entrance to our bathroom (ignore the mess) but the light switches on the wall to the right would get in the way of where the door would sit when it was opened. Sigh. Because of that, I'm thinking of adding some artwork above the switches since the main doors to the room would hit any piece of furniture I tried to put there.

This is the corner I was talking about above. I was thinking about adding a chair and a small table to make a reading corner of sorts. If I did that, I'd take down the mirror and add some art. What would you do with the space?

I'm in love with our double door entrance :) It makes the whole room feel so much more grand than I'm used to!

Our TARVA dresser will replace our placeholder campaign dresser and two ottomans in the nook below. Maybe I'll hang the sunburst mirror above it?

Our rug was another HomeGoods find that I got before we moved. I thought about selling it several times but I'm happy I didn't because I love how well it pairs with our bed and bedding. It's also incredibly soft, cleans up very well, and my dogs haven't been able to destroy it (yet)!

And just like that, our tour has come to an end! We still have so much to do in the room but it's getting there. Sometimes I wish I could snap my fingers and have it all done in an instant but if that happened, what would I have to blog about? ;)

What do you think of the room? Have any suggestions on what to do next? Indecision has gotten the best of me lately so any ideas you have would be great!

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  1. Love your blue upholstered bed! I think I would probably move it a bit to the left so it was more centered under the three high windows. the black chairs and mirror could go in the nook by the doors and add a small table between them and your dresser could go where the sunburst mirror is now. leaving the mirror above it. I would reupholster the black chairs maybe in a solid gold with red piping and solid pillows on top to bring in the colors of the rug. Perhaps something less geometric on the bench like a luscious suede that the dogs could not harm.I wouldnt worry about the wall next to the bathroom door since i assume your bedroom doors are usually open. Maybe just a great piece of art or a small gallery wall for you to look at when the doors are closed. Have are doing a great job

  2. I love the progress of the room! As someone who recently moved, I can empathize with the struggle to get everything finished, furnished, and just right! Do you mind me asking where the bench is from? It's a great addition to the end of the bed and something my small dog would appreciate as well :)


  3. Diane - Thanks! I've thought about moving our bed so it was centered under the 3 small windows but that would eliminate the one nightstand. I'm planning on hanging a wall of curtains behind the bed/nightstands so hopefully that'll camouflage the unevenness :) Also, the dresser is too wide for the nook by the window/bed but I love the idea of reupholstering the black chairs! As for the bench, we usually have two faux sheepskins on it to cover the leather but I took them off for the pictures so I could throw them in the wash :)

    Dana - Thanks! I got the bench from Overstock. It's the 60" Andalucia bench and it's on sale for 10% off right now! They also have a 50" version and different colors of leather to choose from (cream, brown, red). You should check it out!

  4. Caitlin, I love your rug sooo much and how it contrasts with the room! I also like the bed offset from the windows and your bedding. I think the sitting area looks good too and I really think your idea of full wall curtains behind the bed sounds awesome! You probably know this but the way you have your bed facing is very feng shui (not that I'm a big bed is not feng shui). I bet if you get your new dresser in there and finished (any finishes in mind yet?) or even unfinished if deciding the finish is paralyzing you, then add some art, style the dresser and you'll probably feel inspired again. :)

  5. Thanks Crystal! I honestly didn't know about the feng shui aspect but that's good to know! The more good energy we can add to our house, the better :)

    As far as the dresser goes, I'm still deciding but I *think* I'm going to paint the body navy and the base white and then add some gold hardware that'll tie in with the nailhead trim on our nightstands.

  6. I'm in love with your rug too and of course the rest of the room too.
    The light switches would bug me too. Why didn't the builder put them on the left side, seriously. And I just saw fabulous DIY sliding barn doors from Mandy at vintagerevivals. That really would look great in your room. Bummer!

  7. Lookin' great so far! I love that bedding and your nightstands.

    Kelly @ View Along the Way


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