November 2, 2012

String Lights

Speaking of lights...

The night before we left for Phoenix, we hung two strands of string lights from our patio beams!

I bought them from Target back in the spring (prior to moving into our new house) with the intention of hanging them right after we moved in but 5 months had passed before we actually got around to hanging them. We move slow around here, what can I say :)

Anyway, there wasn't a real method to hanging these except to make them even on both sides.

We started by plugging the one end into the outlet that I had our builder install in the beams specifically for this purpose:

Then we placed a cable staple around the wire and nailed it into the beam to hang the other side. Once everything was secure, we (by we, I mean my boyfriend) started to hang either side using the same cable stapling process:

After we had both sides done, we realized that the lights were hanging way too low:

So we improvised by finding the middle of each low-hanging strand and cable stapling it up into the middle of each wooden slat:

It wasn't exactly how I envisioned the lights would hang but we didn't have enough cord/lights because according to the package directions, we could only connect two strands even though I think we could have easily gotten away with three. Oh well, I think it looks good regardless :)

Love him and his lack of acrophobia :)

After all of the strands were hung, we put each lightbulb back into their sockets and turned them on to see how they looked. We were in a hurry to meet some family for dinner so I didn't get a shot of them on in the daylight but here's how they look all lit up at night:

I love the warm glow :)

I'm so happy I chose frosted bulbs instead of clear ones!

We've had the lights up for two weeks now and every night we turn them on, we have these little visitors stop by to hang out and warm their bellies :)

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  1. Those birds are adorable and I love the lights too!! Looks like a nice place to hang out, maybe have a romantic

  2. Love the ambiance! That's a beautiful space.

    Kelly @ View Along the Way


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