November 5, 2012

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? Mine went by too fast!

Friday night we lost power for an hour and a half due to some rodent damage at a substation. It was nothing compared to what the victims of Sandy have been going through but it still wasn't fun. We did get to catch up with our neighbors though so that was nice! Silver lining :)

On Saturday, I found a home for the two Nate Berkus items I got from his Target collection. I placed my rams head on our kitchen counter:

I like it for now but I'm sure it'll get moved eventually haha

I also hung my turtle shell on a wall in our stairway:

It's hard to get a wide shot of the space because the staircase wall blocks most of it but here's what the shell looks like when you're looking down onto our foyer from our loft:

Our foyer (like most of our house) has me stumped. I honestly have no idea what to do with it. It's two stories tall and it's kind of skinny.

I'd like to add a gallery wall on the walls to the right of the shell (the ones that lead up the stairs) so I was thinking that maybe a large mirror + a skinny console table would work in the foyer? That's the plan for now but it'll probably change tomorrow haha


On Sunday, I replaced the old frame I had around my cardboard deer head:

With the thrifted gold frame I got from Saver's:

And I kind of hate it :(

I liked it at first but now I'm not so sure, especially after looking at the "before" picture. I don't know if it's the color of the cardboard deer paired with the gold that I don't like or what but something seems off to me. I'm going to live with it a little longer to make sure I'm not just reacting badly to the change so we'll see!

What'd you get done over the weekend? Any small changes?

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  1. not a fan of the frame either but looooove that shell! i painted rocklyns bunkbeds i got at a yard sale a great blue color! it was the most tedious annoying job to paint each bar and small area but its almost done!

  2. Love all the Target stuff! I had the rams head and turtle shell in my cart at Target. Ended up putting them back. I have no room for the shell :( but I ended up buying a gold sea urchin from Nate's line :)

  3. I can't wait to hang my tortoise shell ! I love the frame (especially the extra matting/framing it has) and think it looks great but it isn't as seamless a flow to the tv and console (not a good/bad thing, personal perference I guess) as the dark one was so maybe that is why you kinda hate it? haha

    I got my entryway table!!

  4. love that moose...I have the smaller version and it makes me smile every time I see it. I do think your white pieces i.e. tortoiseshell and statue would look better placed against a colored wall be it a bright color or a warm neutral. I would also paint the back of your front door and use a narrow floating shelf to free up floor space. Maybe a gallery of mirrors to be both fun and functional and would reflectyour gallery wall on the opposite side. Just some free advice you didnt ask for! Have fun

  5. Amber - Yay! I can't wait to see the finished beds :)

    Julia - I loved that little sea urchin! Rumor has it that Nate has teamed up with Target for the next 18 months and will be releasing new things here and there during that time! Don't quote me on that though haha

    Crystal - Yeah, I haven't pinpointed my hate for it but I think I'm going to switch it back to the old frame. I can't wait to see your table! When do you start stenciling?

    Diane - Thanks for the advice! It helps get me thinking outside my usual box :) I've been thinking about painting the back of my door a lot lately but don't know what color. Black interior doors are hot right now but the front of my door is orange so I'd feel like it'd be Halloween year-round haha Maybe navy? It's almost black! Also, a gallery wall of mirrors is actually happening in my loft but a large/tall mirror would look great in the foyer!

  6. I'm an aries too, so really digging the ram!!!

  7. Yay for Aries! I knew there was a reason I liked you!

  8. HI about painting the door some shade of gray which would look really good with the orange front and also with the white trim and any color you decide to paint your walls whether it is neutral like taupe or another color. Whatever you decide I know it will be beautiful.

  9. Gray is a great idea! I have plenty of gray sample pots too! As far as the wall color, it's staying white/cream for now. Our entire house has an open floor plan so there's no good spot to start/stop a paint line and we'd have to hire the pro's to paint our foyer since it's two stories and would require scaffolding. We may change our minds though (if the budget allows) in the future :)


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