December 21, 2012

2013 Calendar Roundup

If you're reading this right now, the Mayans were wrong 2013 is 11 days away.

If you were prepping for the end of the world, or if you've been busy with holiday activities, you probably haven't had a chance to pick up a new calendar for the new year. Well guess what? Today's your lucky day because I've rounded up a group of 2013 calendars I wouldn't mind hanging up in my home :)

Calendar 1 //

[ Image via Prinstagram ]

In case the photo didn't give it away, a Printstagram calendar is a calendar made from your Instagram photos. Instagram is hot right now (well maybe not so hot anymore since they changed their TOS terms and got everyone all riled up but I digress) and the folks at Prinstagram are geniuses.

For $40, they'll take the photos you select from your Instagram feed and turn it into a cute little tear-off photo calendar. Don't have 365 photos? Have no fear, they'll include duplicate photos in your calendar :)

Calendar 2 //

[ Image via Crate & Barrel ]

Ah, the classic Stendig calendar. I had one of these babies back in 2010 and have loved its bold black and white pages and oversized graphics ever since. The calendar is huge (3' H x 4' W) but after the month's have passed, you can tear-off the pages and save them for wrapping gifts throughout the year!

Calendar 3 //
Airline Baggage Tag

[ Image via Girl in Gear Studio ]

Maybe you don't have the space for a 4' wide calendar. That's ok! This cute little airline baggage tag calendar is perfect for those whose wall space is limited or simply prefer a smaller, more petite reminder of the passing year.

Calendar 4 //

[ Image via Uncommon Goods ]

I don't know about you but whenever bubble wrap is included in a package, I can't resist the urge to pop every. last. bubble. Are you the same way? Well then you're in luck! The bubble calendar gives you the chance to pop one bubble each day of the year! I'd probably have the entire thing popped within seconds of opening the box but maybe your willpower is stronger than mine and you can make it to 2014 without cheating haha

Calendar 5 //

[ Image via Loopz ]

Maybe it's because I own an entire set of mini bobbleheads that look identical to the illustrations but my inner nerd lit up when I saw this cute superhero calendar! I'd proudly hang it in my office but if your nerd flag doesn't fly as high as mine, it would look really cute in a kid's room too :)

Pssst: there's also a Star Wars version!

Do you have your 2013 calendar yet?

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  1. Love the calendars. My kids would love the bubble one. They are obsessed with popping them. And of course star wars ;)

  2. Love the calenders. I like the bubble design and the superhero once is cute too!

  3. I ordered two of the Instagram daily calendars this year for hubby and I. They are really cool!

  4. Wow! I have no clue who came up with the "world ending" idea. I just ignored all the Facebook statuses and what not. I truly did NOT believe that the world was coming to an end. Did you?

    Have yourself a Merry Christmas!



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