December 31, 2012

Lucky #7

When the clock strikes midnight tonight, we'll be living in the year 2013. Where does time go?! I swear it was February 2 weeks ago haha Anyway, not only is today New Year's Eve, it's also the 7th monthiversary in our new house!

The hectic holiday season happened this month so I didn't accomplish as much as I had hoped to but I did do the following in the past 30 days:

DIY'd a set of gold leaf agate coasters

• Told you what I wanted for Christmas

I ended up getting 3 of the 8 things!

• Brainstormed some ideas for our two-story foyer

• DIY'd a $6 jumbo glittery snowflake

• Christmasfied the interior of our house

• Christmasfied the exterior of our house

• Put together a last minute gift guide for the procrastinators out there

• Talked about how to bring the color of the year into your home starting tomorrow :)

• Celebrated the world's continuance by rounding up a bunch of 2013 calendars

• Wished you a Merry Christmas

• Revealed my favorite before and afters of 2012

• Revealed my favorite DIY projects of 2012

What was your favorite 7th Monthiversary project? What would you like to see me do next year? ;)

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