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February 29, 2012

Our house has been framed! They weren't supposed to start the framework until this past Monday but I received a text from my builder on Saturday that showed a picture of the framework going up (I guess they wanted to start early!) so I stopped by on Sunday to check it out and this is what it looked like after one day:

Front entry:


Garage (left), powder room (next to the wall), kitchen (right):

Powder room (left), kitchen (middle), dining room (right), living room (front):

Kitchen (left), dining room (right):

Living room window (8 feet wide!) looking into the house and covered patio:

Living room window looking out onto the backyard:

Dining room window (also 8 feet wide!) looking into the house:

Dining room window looking out onto the backyard:

Living room (left), dining room (right):

Dining room window (left), sliding glass doors (middle), living room window (right):

Sliding glass doors:

Windowless wall:

Wide view:

Garage and driveway:

Construction crew jibberish:

I went back to visit the house again last night and I plan on going to see it again tomorrow so I might have another framework post for you on Friday but if not, I'll have one posted on Monday :)

Barstool Battle

February 28, 2012

I have a little snack bar/island in the kitchen of our new house:

I've made some modifications to it so the illustration in the floor plan isn't as accurate as to what it'll end up looking like but that's another topic for another day.

Anyway, I love the idea of having an island since it opens up all sorts of new storage and food prep ideas while also offering up additional space for entertaining. The only problem I'm having is that the bar is 45" from the ground to the bottom of the countertop.

This makes finding barstools incredibly hard since I have what is called a "spectator height" bar which requires a stool with a seat height of 32" to 34" so I think a standard 30" barstool is going to be too small.

My mom let me borrow one of her 30" barstools so I took it over to the model of my home to test out the height and see how it would look:

The height isn't too bad and when you sit on the stool, the bar is about chest height. My builder also said that my bar will be a couple of inches lower so I think a 30" stool should be just fine. That's a good thing too since I've fallen in love with these 30" stools from Wisteria:

[ Image via Wisteria ]

[ Image via Wisteria ]

I'm planning on purchasing a live edge wooden dining table from Tres Amigos (that will look similar to the image below, but darker) and I think the wooden seats of the Wisteria barstools would tie in nicely with the wooden dining table:

[ Image via From the Source ]

What do you think?


February 27, 2012

The house's foundation has been poured and the framework that was supposed to start today actually started on Saturday (YAY!) so I'll have a framework update later this week :)

Garage and front entry:

Garage (in the back), foyer (in the front):


Walking into the living room:

The kitchen (in the back) and living room (in the front):

Living room:

Covered patio:

In the backyard looking towards the street:

Dining room:


Kitchen (left) and garage (right):

Garage and driveway:


In the street looking at the backyard:

Wide view:

So many supplies!:


Fence materials:

If you think the foundation looks good, wait until you see the framework!

Dexter's Domicile

February 24, 2012

I'm constantly looking for new pieces to add to my oh-so-small art collection and I'm happy to report that I've added a new one:

[ Image via Fab.com ]

In case you can't tell what it is, it's a blueprint drawing of Dexter's Miami apartment! My boyfriend and I are addicted to Dexter and when I saw this print, I knew it'd be a great conversation piece to add to our new house's future gallery wall :)

I ordered it on Tuesday during one of Fab's flash sales so it's no longer available on their website but you can buy the floorplan of your choice at the artist's site, www.fantasyfloorplans.com. It's going to take 5-6 weeks to arrive but I can't wait!

PS: There were some setbacks yesterday so today's the (new) day my house's foundation gets poured :D

Pre-Foundation Update

February 23, 2012

Yesterday I stopped by the house to take some photos of the place before the foundation gets poured today. It was kind of fun to see everything all framed out but honestly, it's much smaller than I was expecting and I'm kind of disappointed :(

The garage (in the back of the photo) and foyer (in the front of the photo):

Walking into the living room:

In the living room looking at the kitchen:

Living room (no idea what that pipe goes to):

Covered patio that will have wooden beams and a ceiling fan:

In the backyard looking towards the street:

Dining room. So small :(

Another look at the kitchen:


Garage and future driveway:

Covered patio:

Wide view:

Front entry:

In the street looking towards the backyard:

I can't wait to see what it looks like when the foundation is poured! It's going to cure over the weekend and then they're going to start the framework on Monday! Eeeek! It's actually happening :D
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