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Chocolate Cabinets

April 30, 2012

Our cabinets went in a few weeks go and I was so worried they were going to look black but thankfully they're rich and chocolately like I was hoping they would be:

Dishwasher will go here:

Guest bathroom:

And master bathroom:

So. Much. Storage! I honestly don't have that much stuff to store so I can almost guarantee that more than half of these doors and drawers are going to be empty for a long time haha

Fenced In

April 27, 2012

Our house's "fence" went in the other day! It's technically a block wall but saying "our house's wall went in" makes it sound like we're moving to a prison or something haha It's not 100% complete but here's what it looks like:

Back wall and backyard:

Once the scaffolding is removed and my house is painted, the wall will run all the way up to the edge of my house:

Standing on the outside of our yard in our future neighbor's lot:

Looking down our side alleyway (?) towards our front courtyard:

The start of our front courtyard's wall:

A gate will be installed in the gap where the wall ends and then the wall will run out straight for a little bit and then it'll take a 90 degree turn and end at the edge of my garage:

The view of our backyard from the master bedroom:

I have some exciting plans for the backyard as well as our side alleyway but have you priced out plants lately? Holy crap! I was shocked at how much they are! I'm hoping I can score some end of summer deals though so fingers crossed until then!

Birch White

April 25, 2012

Our house's stucco has been started and the first coat of paint (Birch White by Dunn Edwards) went up! While it's not as white as I wanted it to be, I think it looks pretty good and the warmth of the white keeps the house from looking like a sterile hospital :)


Almost done!

Painted garage:

Powder room:

Dining room (left), living room (right):

Dining room:

Living room:

Kitchen and dining room (right):

Kitchen and walk-in pantry:

Walk-in pantry:

Living room:


Looking down onto the living room from the stairs:

Heading upstairs:


Foyer windows:

Looking down onto the foyer/stairs from the loft:

Double door entry to the master bedroom:

Two guest bedrooms:

Heading downstairs:

Laundry room's linen closet:

Guest bedroom 1's walk-in closet (not sure why the paint looks yellow haha):

Guest bedroom 2's closet (with the crooked shelf, ugh):

Master bedroom (the paint looks splotchy and uneven because it's the first coat):

Master bathroom's linen closet:

Master bathroom toilet room:

Master shower:

I know the first coat looks rough but the second coat took care of all the splotchy and uneven parts and it looks amazing!
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