April 30, 2012

Chocolate Cabinets

Our cabinets went in a few weeks go and I was so worried they were going to look black but thankfully they're rich and chocolately like I was hoping they would be:

April 27, 2012

Fenced In

Our house's "fence" went in the other day! It's technically a block wall but saying "our house's wall went in" makes it sound like we're moving to a prison or something haha It's not 100% complete but here's what it looks like:

Back wall and backyard:

April 25, 2012

Birch White

Our house's stucco has been started and the first coat of paint (Birch White by Dunn Edwards) went up! While it's not as white as I wanted it to be, I think it looks pretty good and the warmth of the white keeps the house from looking like a sterile hospital :)


April 24, 2012

Textured and Trimmed

After the drywall was finished, texture was added to the walls and the trim work was started!


April 23, 2012

Drywall's Done

Wow it's been a while since I've blogged! Whoops! Let's get things started back up again with a long post about our newly drywalled house:


April 4, 2012

Safavieh Score

Over the weekend I made my usually HomeGoods run and after I browsed around for a while, I spotted this beauty:

It was love at first sight but the $399 price tag made me cringe a little. That's not bad for a hand tufted 7' 6" x 9' 6" rug but it was more than I was planning on spending and I didn't really need another rug.

April 2, 2012

Insulation Tour

Our house's drywall is up and taped (still needs to be textured and sanded) but before I show you those pictures, here's a video tour of our house's insulation:

Everything looks a lot different now that the drywall is up and I have to be honest - it's a little weird to see walls!

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