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Time Keeps on Slippin' (Slippin', Slippin'...)

June 27, 2012

Late last year, I scored an awesome "vintage" wall clock from HomeGoods. I spotted it hanging out behind the counter as I was on my way out the door and I asked one of the sales ladies if it was on hold for someone. She said no so I asked her what the price was and when said "$69.99" I said sold! As far as I could tell, nothing was wrong with the clock and while I didn't really have a spot for it in my old condo, I knew someone else would snatch it up if I left it behind.

When I got it home, it sat against the wall for a while waiting for the perfect spot to be hung. I eventually hung it up on the wall in the weird nook in our old bedroom and that's where it ended up staying until we moved out last month.

The only problem with it hanging up in the bedroom is that no one, except my boyfriend and I, ever got to see it because it's a little weird to ask your guests to come into your bedroom to look at the new clock you just bought.

With that in mind, I knew that when we moved to the new house, I wanted to find a more prominent spot to hang it to avoid anymore awkward bedroom invitations. I had originally thought about hanging it above a console table in the living room but it looked teeny tiny when I held it up against the wall and the console table I was planning on using ended up being too deep.

On a whim, I decided to see what it would look like hanging in the kitchen and I think it's found its permanent home!

I was surprised at how well the colors in the clock work with our cabinetry and countertops and although our microwave a stove both have clocks on them, they're a little hard to read when you're sitting in the living room or dining room :)

Can I get an "E"?

June 25, 2012

When the cabinets were installed in our house, I noticed that there was going to be a large gap between the cabinet tops and the ceiling (30"):

Admittedly, I started to panic because I didn't know what I was going to do with that space. I didn't want to paint it because that would require me to paint the adjoining wall in the dining room too and I had other plans for that wall. I don't have a cool plate collection that I could hang up there and faux plants aren't my thing. I also didn't want to put a bunch of decorative accessories up there because I knew they'd get dusty and to be honest, I knew I wouldn't dust them haha

I thought about the popular "EAT" sign that people have been creating from Hobby Lobby letters:

[ Image via 7th House on the Left ]

[ Image via Frame Fanatic ]

So I started searching for something larger since the Hobby Lobby letters are only 8" high and I wanted something a little different. Enter Etsy. After browsing around for a little bit, I stumbled upon a listing for 3 large stainless steel letters that spelled "EAT" (or "TEA" or "ATE" or "TAE"...):

The description said that the letters were 18" high x 14" wide x 2 1/2" deep AKA perfect. Sold! I bought the set on Saturday night and they showed up Tuesday morning but I didn't actually get around to hanging them until the following Thursday night:

I wanted them centered in between the two pendant lamps that hang over our bar so I measured the distance from the wall to the edge of the pendant lamp so I knew where the edge of the "E" should be.

Then I measured the space between the two pendant lamps so I knew how many inches I had to space out all 3 letters. After I figured out how far down from the ceiling I wanted them, I had the first letter up:

Sorry for the less than pretty cell phone picture - it was about 10 o'clock at night and I was so excited that I had actually hung the letter myself that I didn't bother grabbing my camera. Now let's fast forward to the good stuff:

Aren't they perfect?! I'm so in love with them! I haven't decided whether or not I want to keep them stainless (to go with the appliances) or spray them ORB (to go with the cabinets):

Or spray them a fun color:

What do you think? Would you leave them as-is?

Don't Stop Believin'

June 21, 2012

Last week, one of my best friends sent me a housewarming gift that her two young sons made for me and I'd be lying if I said it didn't make me choke up a little bit.

Her and I have been friends for almost 15 years and while I haven't seen her since we both left our hometown back in 2008/2007, we've still managed to keep in touch and talk almost daily. I've never met her kids, due to the many miles that separate us, so for them to create something so special for someone they've never met before truly amazed me!

I haven't hung it up yet but I have a spot in mind. Oh, in case you were wondering, her older son, Rocklyn, picked the quote from his favorite song and it couldn't be more perfect :)

Back in the New York Groove

June 20, 2012

No, I'm not in New York but I have that song stuck in my head thanks to one of AT&T's commercials. Anyway, I'm baaaccckkk! I've been a terrible blogger lately but I have a good excuse (or two)! We moved into our new house! And our internet took forever to get hooked up! And I'm sorry! I promise to be a better blogger to the 3 of you who actually read this thing haha

Moving on (pun intended)...

We moved in as planned on May 31st. We picked up our 17' U-Haul bright and early in the morning and loaded/unloaded everything ourselves with the help of my boyfriend's brother. The move went surprisingly well and I'm happy to say that out of the 100's of things we moved, only one picture was broken! Yours truly stupidly put her hand right on top of the glass on our last load of things we took to the new house and CRACKKK! Oh well, it's not a big deal since my boyfriend's Uncle owns a framing shop so I can get the glass replaced for pretty cheap :)

After we finished unloading everything, our place looked like this:

Apologies for the cell phone pics but my camera was packed in one of those boxes! I wish I would have taken pictures of our garage before the sun set but we had to head back to our condo to finish cleaning before our final walkthrough the next morning.

It wasn't until around 11 pm that we Swiffered our way out the door and locked the place up for the last time. Leaving was bittersweet because the condo was my family's vacation home when I was growing up and its walls contain so many fond memories of my grandparents. It'll always hold a special place in my heart because without it, I never would have been gifted the opportunity to build a home of my very own :)
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