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5 Months, 20 Weeks, 150 Days

October 31, 2012

No matter how you count it down, the result is the same: it's our 5th Monthiversary! It's also Halloween (Happy Halloween!) AND my boyfriend's birthday (Happy Birthday Love!) so there's lots to celebrate today!

First things first, what did you dress up as for Halloween? Planning on handing any candy out tonight? We didn't dress up this year and since our new neighborhood is still being built, I don't know if we'll be getting any Trick-Or-Treaters so I need to live vicariously through you haha

Anyway, back to our monthiversary! In the past 30 days, I've done the following:

• Told you where I got all of the items on my DIY $15 chunky floating shelves

Painted our powder room

• Thought about upgrading our powder room's pedestal sink to a vanity sink

DIY'd a faux pumpkin topiary

• Added some Halloween flair to our gate

• Added even more Halloween flair to our front porch

• Stumbled upon another look for less find

Styled our staircase landing

DIY'd an $18 console table for said staircase landing

Met one of my idols, visited some animals, and took a trip to IKEA

• Finally got a dining room table

Scored at Saver's

• Made an unexpected dresser purchase

Told you the sad/hilarious story of how one of our DIY string globe pendants bit the big one :(

Whew! I just got tired haha I'm not very good at sticking to the lists I plan out in advance for future monthiversaries so this time around, I think I'm just going to play things by ear and see what happens.

What was your favorite fifth monthiversary project? Any suggestions on what I should do in the next 30 days?

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New Bar Lights: Buy or DIY (again)?

October 29, 2012

In my 4th Monthiversary post, I had mentioned that my one of my DIY $9 string globe bar pendants bit the big one.

It all happened when I flung one of my dogs toys over my shoulder. Apparently I had better aim than I thought because the toy hit the pendant which fell into the sink -- directly into the pot of spaghetti sauce that I was soaking.

Allow me to re-create the scene for you:

I knew what had happened the second his toy came out of my hand so I leapt up off the couch and ran towards the sink. Panicked, I tried to wash the sauce off the string globe but running fabric stiffener soaked things under water causes them to lose their shape. Mistake #1.

Desperate to save the pendant, I shook as much water off of it as I could and then lightly patted it dry. It's shape was still in tact so I set it down on top of some paper towels to dry. Mistake #2.

Apparently, and I'm just guessing at what happened because it's all a blur at this point -- apparently the paper towels were soaking up the excess water (as they should) and as they were doing that, my string pendant was "melting" AKA caving in on itself because it was sitting in the water the towels were soaking up. Mistake #3.

I didn't realize this until about a half an hour later when I went to check on it and at that point, it was too late. The pendant was a goner :(

At this point, we just have two light bulbs hanging from the pendants stems because I don't know what to do. Could I easily re-DIY another string globe? Yes, absolutely but what if something similar happens again? I didn't exactly have the globes attached securely in the first place so that's mistake #4. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and buy new lights? What do you think?

If you were in my shoes, what would you do?


October 26, 2012

Our dining room table wasn't the only thing we got at IKEA over the weekend! We also got the 6-drawer TARVA dresser:

I had been eyeing it since it was released back in April but we didn't really need a dresser since our closet is gigantic and we don't have that many clothes to store. That all changed though when we rearranged our bedroom and were left with a blank wall that needed something.

I temporarily filled it with our campaign dresser and some storage ottomans but the arrangement looked "off". I checked Craigslist a few times but the dresser options were limited and the ones I liked on there were tall, not wide so TARVA was looking better and better and eventually won our vote.

We didn't add the knobs that came with the dresser because I have plans to update them with new knobs:

The dresser is made from solid pine and is a blank canvas full of possibilities! I'm not 100% sure on what I'm going to do with it but I've got some ideas floating around in my head.

Dresser Makeover Idea #1
Navy Paint + Gold Hardware

I'm thinking about painting the dresser navy because it'll pull the navy color from our bed's upholstery:

Across to the other side of the room and the gold hardware would pop off the dark paint! We also have gold nailhead trim on our nightstands so it'd match without matching, if that makes sense.

Dresser Makeover Idea #2
White + Wood Combo

I like what Aubrey and Lindsay did with their RAST dresser from IKEA:

[ Image via Aubrey and Lindsay ]

And think it could translate well onto a larger piece, like the TARVA. The only issue I'm having with this idea is that the RAST dresser has edges on the sides (since the drawers aren't flush with the sides) so you can see the stain which helps create a border effect.

The TARVA's drawers are flush with the edge of the dresser:

So if you were looking at it straight on, all you'd see would be white drawers with a stained top and base. I just think it might end up looking a little odd without the stained edge border.

Dresser Makeover Idea #3
Chalkboard Paint

Painting the dresser entirely in chalkboard paint was actually my boyfriends idea! He thought it'd be fun to label the drawers with what's in them (t-shirts, socks, underwear, etc.) and I love the idea! If we do go this route, we'd probably end up sealing the paint/labels/drawings with something so they don't rub off on us when we open the drawers.

Dresser Makeover Idea #4
Stained or Painted Dresser Body + Solid Painted Base

Maybe I could stain or paint the top of the dresser one color and then paint the base a different color like so:

Maybe add dipped legs to it too? I don't know, maybe that's too much haha Oh indecision, it seems you've gotten the best of me :(

If you were making over my dresser, what would you do?

Saver's Scores

October 25, 2012

After a bit of a dry spell, my boyfriend and I did a little thrifting Tuesday night. Well I thrifted, he just laughed at what I wanted to bring home haha

Our first stop was Goodwill where we struck out like usual. I don't know what it is about that place but ever since I scored my $15 campaign dresser there, I feel like I have to go back even though I haven't found anything since :(

Anyway, we went to Saver's after Goodwill since Saver's and I are like old friends. We don't see each other very often but when we do, we have a good time and I always wonder why we don't hang out more. Case in point:

I scored both of those bad boys for less than $10! $8.24 to be exact :)

The lamp was marked $4.99:

But it rang up as 25% off so I only had to pay $3.74 for it!

I'm not sure why there's also a $2 sticker on there but I'm assuming someone was trying to sell it at a garage/yard sale (based on the similar sticker people use to mark items) and it didn't sell so they brought it to Saver's.

The shade is dirty and stinky but I can always buy a new one!

I fell in love with the shape of the gold (brass?) base in the store:

And after we plugged it in and found out it worked, I may or may not have been as giddy as a schoolgirl haha

My boyfriend hates the thing (probably because I have 12 lamps waiting to find a spot in our house) but I see so much potential! I might leave it as-is (gold) but how pretty would it be spray painted white, navy, kelly green, or charcoal gray? The possibilities are endless!

I also saw potential in this frame:

I'll admit that it's not 100% my style (a little ornate) but it's HUGE (29 3/4" H x 33 1/2" L) and I loved the linen border (mat?):

Along with the chunky size of the frame:

It's a little beat up in some spots:

But I think it adds character! And it was only $6!

But just like the lamp, it also rang up as 25% off so that brought the price down to $4.50 :)

I haven't decided if I'm going to do anything to update the frame because the gold has kind of grown on me! I also think the frame has been gold leafed since I found this on the back:

I lightly touched it and some little pieces flaked off so I don't think it's paint but I could be wrong.

I also found the name of the frame shop stamped on the back which is where I'm assuming the frame was made:

I did a quick Google search but didn't see anything related to the name so who knows if the frame is worth any value. Doesn't matter to me though! Now I need to find something to frame...

What do you think of my $8.24 purchase? Have you been thrifting lately? Link to your finds in the comment section below - I'd love to check them out!

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