December 31, 2012

Lucky #7

When the clock strikes midnight tonight, we'll be living in the year 2013. Where does time go?! I swear it was February 2 weeks ago haha Anyway, not only is today New Year's Eve, it's also the 7th monthiversary in our new house!

The hectic holiday season happened this month so I didn't accomplish as much as I had hoped to but I did do the following in the past 30 days:

DIY'd a set of gold leaf agate coasters

December 28, 2012

Best of 2012: DIY Projects

Since we moved into our new house, I'm pretty sure I've done more DIYing than I have in my entire life! Let's take a look back on some of my favorite DIY projects from 2012 :)

DIY $9 String Globe Bar Pendant Lamps

December 27, 2012

Best of 2012: Before & Afters

2013 is right around the corner which means New Years resolutions and new projects are on their way! That being said, lets take a moment to look back on some of my favorite before and after projects of 2012 :)

HomeGoods Console Table Makeover:
Before //

After //

December 21, 2012

2013 Calendar Roundup

If you're reading this right now, the Mayans were wrong 2013 is 11 days away.

If you were prepping for the end of the world, or if you've been busy with holiday activities, you probably haven't had a chance to pick up a new calendar for the new year. Well guess what? Today's your lucky day because I've rounded up a group of 2013 calendars I wouldn't mind hanging up in my home :)

Calendar 1 //

[ Image via Prinstagram ]

In case the photo didn't give it away, a Printstagram calendar is a calendar made from your Instagram photos. Instagram is hot right now (well maybe not so hot anymore since they changed their TOS terms and got everyone all riled up but I digress) and the folks at Prinstagram are geniuses.

December 19, 2012

2013 Pantone Color of the Year: Emerald

In case you haven't heard, the 2013 Pantone Color of the Year is....

Emerald! Specifically Pantone 17-5641 :)

December 14, 2012

Outdoor Christmas Decor

Happy Friday!

Are you excited for the weekend? I know I am! My cold is 90% gone so I'm planning on finishing a few projects that I haven't had the energy to work on lately. I'm also planning on finishing my Christmas shopping! Can't wait to check that off ye old list haha

Speaking of Christmas...the outside of our house got Christmasfied!

It definitely can't compete with the Griswold's but it was our first time decorating the outside of any place we've lived so we didn't really have any outdoor decorations and therefore were working with what we had.

December 12, 2012


Happy 12/12/12 AKA the last repetitive date we'll ever see! Are you going to do anything to celebrate? Yeah, me neither ;)

Anyway, I'm hopped up on cold medicine so I'll make this short so I don't embarrass myself. Our house has been Christmasfied!

I stuck our Christmas tree in the corner of our living room where our gray chair used to sit.

If I'm being honest, I'll tell you I don't like it. I think it's because I'm over the red/white/silver theme we've had for 3 years now. I really wanted to buy a fake green flocked tree (and some new ornaments) this year but everything I looked at was so expensive so I passed. I'm hoping to score some good deals after Christmas though so we'll see!

December 10, 2012

DIY $6 Jumbo Glittery Snowflake

Today marks the fourth and final challenge in the Dare to DIY series I've been participating in! I'm sad that the series is over but I'm hoping to join other ones like it in the future :)

This weeks theme was 'deck the halls' and our project instructions were to DIY something new to deck your halls with. If I'm being completely honest, I wasn't even sure I was going to have a project to share this week but I do and it's a jumbo glittery snowflake!

December 7, 2012

What The Foyer?

Ever since we moved in, our foyer has looked like this:

Beautiful, right? ;)

December 3, 2012

DIY Gold Leaf Agate Coasters

It's Monday and you know what that means! It's the third round of the Dare to DIY challenge I'm participating in!

This weeks theme was 'give handmade' and our project instructions were to DIY a gift made by you.

Ready to see what I made?

Drum roll please...

I DIY'd a set of gold leafed agate coasters!

I was inspired by a set from High Street Market but couldn't justify spending the money on them when I knew I had all of the supplies on hand and could make a set of my own.

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