January 31, 2013

8th Monthiversary

It's that time again! Time to celebrate our 8th monthiversary by recapping all of the projects we've done in the past month. Which, if I'm being honest, haven't been that exciting haha

I don't know if having two weeks off around the holidays with no projects to do threw me off my blogging game or what but I didn't get much done this month. That being said, I did do the following:

• Talked about my 2013 Home Goals (that I'm currently way behind on):

• Added a new rug, console table, and mirror to our dining room:

• Talked about potential lighting options for our dining room:

• Talked about potential bed options for our guest bedroom:

Filled you in on a few decisions I had been pondering:

Failed at painting my new dining room mirror:

DIY'd a set of faux malachite boxes for $8/each:

• Informed you of the upcoming gem show I frequent each year:

(Psst: there's still time to let me know if you want anything from the show! I'll be going February 9/10 so leave me a comment or shoot me an e-mail with your requests before February 7th!)

• Celebrated my fur baby's 7th birthday!

• Complained about my lack of landscaping:

Man did I slack or what?! Thanks for sticking around with me during this slow period :)

I have posts lined up through all of February and halfway through March so things should pick up around here soon! Speaking of picking up, stop by tomorrow to see what I got at the Thrift Shop with only "20 dollas in my pocket" …

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  1. I can't wait to see all your upcoming projects :)

  2. 8 months! Woo hoo! I still love your dining room. It's so very happy. And your dog is ridiculously cute too.

  3. You definitely did not slack. You made some big changes to the dinning room. Plus you planned like we all do in January because we still have a hangover from the holidays! Can't wait to see what happens in Feb, but also really excited to see what you thrifted tomorrow!

  4. Thanks Julia :)

    Michelle - Crazy, right?! It still feels like we moved in last month and yet we're coming up on a year! Thanks and thanks :)

    Awww, thanks Amber! I can't wait to see what you guys thrifted either!

  5. You were definitely productive in January! What did you end up deciding for the dining room light or no decision yet?

  6. I'm planning on getting both of them and then whichever one doesn't make the cut in the dining room will end up in either the guest bedroom or the office.

  7. Haha I don't think you slacked! I loved this recap. And I think that mirror looks fabulous.

  8. love that rug in the dining room. and the pup is super cute of course!

  9. Thanks! I got the rug from HomeGoods but it's the Safavieh Ikat one in cream/red if you're interested :)


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