January 8, 2013

Chandy Eye Candy

Thanks for everyone's input on which color I should paint my new mirror! Check back later this week to see what color I chose :)

You guys want to see something I've been hiding from you this whole time?

That's my current dining room chandelier. I've been keeping out of photos because I'm embarrassed by it and I can't stand to look at it. It's not terrible (I mean, I've seen uglier) but it's just not my style. Like at all. Oh and see how it's all chained up super close to the ceiling? Yeah, it's been like that since the tile guys laid our tile soooo 8 months or so?

The best part? (that's sarcasm by the way) It's not even centered on our table!

That's partially my fault though because after my builder installed all of the lighting, I was brought in to make sure I liked the placement of it all and I signed off on the chandelier's placement. In my defense, I was looking at it straight on from the kitchen (to the left) and didn't even think to look at it from the sliding glass doors (behind me in the picture).

Anywayyy, it needs to go. We've already checked a new rug and an art replacement off my 2013 home goals list which means the next item on the list is the chandelier. Because I don't know how much it's going to cost to move the placement of the light (I have to hire the job out unfortunately), I'm trying to keep the actual light as budget friendly as possible so it can be replaced ASAP. Here's a few options I'm considering:

Chandy Candy #1
Maskros // IKEA

I used to have this hanging in our old condo's living room but it had to stay behind after we sold the place which kind of bummed me out. At 32" in diameter, it's pretty massive but it's open and airy and our 10' ceilings can handle the size. It would also cast some awesome shadows on the ceiling/walls at night!

Chandy Candy #2
Onion Bentwood Pendant

I'm in love with the shape of West Elm's new onion bentwood pendant and think it would add some warmth to our dining room. It's smaller than the Maskros at 18.5" in diameter but I still think it could work. I don't know if I'd leave the warm oak finish as-is though...

Chandy Candy #3
Young House Love Wire Globe Lantern

In case you haven't heard, Young House Love has teamed up with Shades of Light to create their very own lighting collection! It was hard to pick a favorite light but I love their large wire globe lantern and think it would look awesome hanging above our table. It's pretty big at 24" in diameter and it's only $89 which is even better!

Out of those three, I think I know which option I'm going with but I'm still keeping my eyes peeled for additional pendants that could work as well. Hopefully my contractor can give me a quote for the placement change soon so we can get the ball rolling and check yet another thing off my list!

Which pendant would you choose? Know of any other options you think I might like? Leave a link in the comments!

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  1. I know that a lot of people have the Maskros but I just love it so much. I've had one sitting in my closet because I want to use it so badly and have no room. I think I will hack it a little to come up with something different. Did you see little green notebooks maskros sputnik hack?
    I just love the texture and like you said the shadows on the walls are amazing.

  2. The option from Young House Love is the best by far! Love that they have their own line now! I cannot wait to install one of their lights in my own home!

  3. From the pictures, I like the Ikea one. I recently saw a picture where someone spray painted it gold and it looked AWESOME! The Bentwood is out because it is so much more than the others but I'm guessing you might pick YHL's light.

    I think it is funny that you didn't pick the globe version of the Bentwood since the other two options are globes!

  4. I was thinking you should go with YHL's light from the beginning of this post and was rather proud of myself when that was an option you listed! #patsselfonback

  5. Looks like it's a toss up between IKEA's light and YHL's!

    Julia - Yes, I love her hack! It must have taken her forever to cut all of those little flowers down!

    Julie - Me neither! I love their little glass globe pendants as well and have been eyeing them for above our bar :)

    Crystal - The gold one is Jenny's from Little Green Notebook! Isn't it amazing?! She's so creative! Anyway, I liked the bentwood globe but thought the onion shape would play off of the shape in the mirror. Both are so pretty though, it's hard to decide!

    Haha Anne! Yes, YHL's light is amazing. If I don't use it in our dining room, I'll find somewhere else for it :)

  6. Love those choices. I think the first might be my fave? I'm digging the giant scale of them all!

    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  7. I love the maskros. I have it in my hall. For your dining room I am really feeling the metal one. There is one kind of like it, but a bit more swirly at West Elm too.

  8. I just looked up Little Green Notebooks and it is definitely different than the one that I'd seen. It is in the latest HGTV magazine. She didn't hack hers at all, just painted it gold as is.

    My YHL Bubble Glass Pendant is on backorder but should arrive in a couple weeks! :)

  9. Thanks Kelly! I feel like the bigger pendants will make more of a statement than smaller ones will :)

    I'll have to check that one out Katja! Thanks for the suggestion :)

    Oh yes, I saw that one too Crystal! I wonder if she spray painted it when it was all put together or if she spray painted everything individually? Oh and yay for your bubble pendant! I can't wait to see it in your house! I've been eyeing them for our kitchen bar pendants :)

  10. I'm a big fan of #3. I'm trying to talk my brother into it for his house!

  11. I like the first one alot...the one that was in your old place. Not nuts about your "onion" choice. I wanted to mention to you,in case you don't know about it (but I'm sure you do)that Crate and Barrel has a secondary branch, called CB2. I think its suppose to be an "outlet" but it seems a bit more "out of the box" kind of things to me. Check them out.

  12. Michelle - If I don't buy #3, you're brother definitely should!

    Thanks Scotty! I love CB2! They're stuff tends to be more modern and more my style than Crate & Barrel's although I love them too :)

    I like numero uno too Geesha!

  13. Number three is my favorite by far. I really lie that fixture. Will it give you enough light? I'm so used to having multiple bulbs, I was just curious.

  14. Definitely the Young House Love light. It looks terrific with your dining room.


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