January 7, 2013

Dining Room Switcheroo

Happy Monday!

I made some changes to our dining room over the weekend!

Remember how I've mentioned a million times that we need a rug for the space? Well, I think we've found one!

On a whim one night, I enlisted my boyfriend to help me roll up the rug from our bedroom so we could drag it down the stairs and position it under our dining room table to see how it looked. Thank God it looks good because it was a beast to move and I don't think he wanted to bring it back upstairs if it didn't work out haha

We also switched out the large artwork to make room for a new console table and mirror that I got from HomeGoods:

If you follow me on Instagram (@desertdomicile), you've probably already seen the table. I had initially planned on putting it in our foyer but it was a little too deep and it felt out of place in the space so it got moved to our dining room.

I was unsure about it at first but I've fallen in love the antiqued mirror top:

The table was a little expensive ($200) but after a little research, I found out that it's a designer piece that retails for ... wait for it ... $769!!!

Yeah, I can't believe it either! Based on the image above, I think my table was supposed to have a glass insert on the bottom but it doesn't so I'm assuming it didn't come with one or it was broken at the store. It doesn't bother me at all but if I wanted to create a bottom shelf later on down the road, I could always have a piece of glass cut for $30 or so.

I hung my new mirror above the table to reflect the light from our large window and sliding glass doors:

After I brought it home, I realized that it's the same mirror Centsational Girl has hanging horizontally above her fireplace!

[ Image via Centsational Girl ]

I love the silvery-gray color of my mirror but I'm thinking about painting it like Kate did. My initial thought was to paint it navy:

But then I thought about painting it emerald green:

I'm still deciding but regardless of the color, I think the mirror + table combo is a big improvement over the original art we had hanging in the space:

What do you think of the changes? Should I leave the mirror as-is or paint it? Can you believe the deal I got on that table?!

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  1. Sorry to hear about your bad week! Is your puppy ok?
    The mirror looks great and I can't believe the console table, what a deal! I love it without the bottom shelf. I'm sure whatever color you decide to paint the mirror will look great.

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  3. It is definitely a big improvement for the room! I love the mirror and if you want to know my opinion, I would paint it navy. Dunno if it makes sense, but based on the image you posted, it makes the space look more sophisticated!

  4. I love the color the rug adds to the room! And I vote green for the mirror :)

  5. I love it in the emerald green!!! And I love that table!!

  6. I love that table and the rug seems to fit perfectly under there. I can't decide if I'd like the emerald or navy better with the rug. I think either would be great!

    Hope everything is okay now!

  7. What a great find on that table and mirror. I love it in the navy. Everything looks really great!!

  8. Julia - Yes, he's ok! I think he was rebelling from me going back to work after having 11 days off over the holidays haha Thankfully none of the cords were plugged in so he didn't get a shock!

    Hello Door Seven - Thanks! I think the navy would look great too :)

    Gretchen - Thanks! The rug color definitely spices things up!

    Courtney - Thanks! I know, can you believe it?! My jaw dropped when I found the CG Sparks one!

    Crystal - Yeah, everything's good. Our house is toasty warm and our dog is feeling better :)

    Katja - Thanks! :)

  9. Officially a new follower of your awesome blog! I love the rug! Have you thought about painting the mirror a color to tie into the rug? I'm sure whatever you choose will look awesome.
    Great find on the console. I like the metallic touch it adds to the room.

  10. Okay you've really got to stop making your room all complete and everything. You're making us look bad! ;) I love the rug in there. The table + console vignette is fantastic.

    Amber @ Wills Casa

  11. Our Next Great Adventure - Awww, thanks! I was thinking about painting it a golden yellow (similar to the color in the rug) but was afraid that it'd compete too much with the gold console table. Burnt orange might look good though!

    Thanks Amber! I wish the room was complete but there's still so much that needs to be done. Hopefully that makes you look less bad? ;)

  12. Love it all! As soon as I saw the mirror I thought of Kate's lol Now, you need to paint the mirror green and I am here to convince you why HA! Reason 1: Emerald green is the color of 2013!! Reason 2: Green and gold (new console) look amazing together! and Reason 3: I painted my console table green and I am obsessed with it! http://made2style.com/2012/06/28/introducing-miss-kelly/...Ok I hope I have convinced you ;)

  13. I'm still drooling over that rug.

    I think the mirror looks great...but it would look great painted too. #superhelpful

  14. Ah! I LOVE that console table. And $200 for a $769 piece?! Amazing. I think the quatrefoil mirror would look awesome painted emerald green. I've been looking for a quatrefoil mirror for a while since it's my sorority symbol. Lowe's has one for around $50. I just need to pull the trigger.

  15. Thanks Cindy! I LOVE your new console table! The color looks great with the gold hardware :)

    Haha thanks Michelle!

    Chelsea - I know, right?! I still can't get over the price haha I think I've seen that mirror at Lowe's! It's the Allen + Roth one, right? It seems really nice and you can't beat the price!

  16. I love the emerald green color option! Where did you get that great mirror??? I would love to put one in our basement!

    Also, the rug looks great in its new home! Love that you were able to use something that you already had!

  17. Thanks Julie! I got the mirror from HomeGoods over the weekend. It's identical to the Casbah mirror from Lamps Plus but it doesn't look like they sell that mirror anymore. Hopefully you can find one at your local HomeGoods!

    If you can't find one, Lowe's sells a smaller similar mirror for $65: http://www.lowes.com/pd_304390-13535-LMCLH22ES_?PL=1&productId=3093977

    Good luck on your search!

    1. Did the one your purchased have a makers name on it? Of course these posts are older and I am just getting around to falling in love with this mirror!! LOL Thanks for any tips! I have been to tj maxx, marshalls, lowes, home goods, hobby lobby, ross etc.. no luck!

  18. Beautiful! I think I like the painted mirror pictures the best. That cart/side table is awesome!

    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  19. Hey Caitlin! Happy New Year! This question's kinda tricky. I love the silver, but now that you've drawn our attention to it, I have to admit it does look a little lacklustre. This could be because of missing color in the room to draw it all in together. I LOVE that carpet! It's a bit 'Marrakesh" with those distinctly arabian colors. Why not bronze up that mirror to add texture and warmth to that corner of the room? It will complement that Moroccan look of the rug. Or, how about keeping to this theme and accenting the room with splashes of MOROCCAN BLUE (see here for this incredible burst of color) http://escapenewyork.blogspot.com.au/2007/08/moroccan-blue.html - it's as close to cobalt blue that you can get, but I kinda like it a whole lot better. The vibrancy of the rug and the blue will also work very well with the brass of that gorgeous table! Tell me what you think. Whatever you choose to do, have fun with it! It's a great room to play around with color, imho. mwah Hx (www dot bushbeachbeyond dot blogspot dot com)


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