January 15, 2013

Walk the Walk

Last week's theme seemed to be "talk the talk" where I asked you guys your opinion on what color I should paint my new HomeGoods mirror, what light fixture I should get for our dining room, and what bed I should get for our guest bedroom. I never really let you know what my final choices were but have no fear! Today I'm here to "walk the walk" and let you know what I chose :)

The color I've chosen for my new HomeGoods mirror is...

Emerald green! I really loved the navy option I showed you but the final color choice came down to the fact that I already have navy drapes in my dining room and a navy console table in our living room (which is open to the dining room) and I thought that adding another navy element would be navy overkill.

I put the final coat of paint on the mirror tonight and will be sharing the "new" mirror tomorrow!

The new dining room light fixture I've chosen is...

Still undecided!!!

I'm really torn between IKEA's Maskros pendant and Young House Love's wire globe lantern. 17 of you commented on the original post and you guys are torn too! I tallied up the scores for both lights and they're even at 6 votes each. Not that we were having a competition or anything haha

Anyway, I found out that changing the placement of the light is going to be covered under some warranty my house carries (I really need to pay attention more...) so it should cost me $0.00! If that's the case, I'm planning on buying both light fixtures. The one that doesn't make the cut in our dining room will end up in either our office or guest bedroom. This way everyone wins and I don't have to make a decision haha

Speaking of my guest bedroom! The bed I've chosen is...

The Either/Or convertible sofa! For now that is. I still have to save up to buy it and I'm still searching Craigslist daily so there's always the possibility that I could come across something else until I've saved up enough money.

The more I thought about it, and the more you guys commented, I think a sofa/daybed is the way to go since the room is so tiny and it won't see that many guests. It'll take up a smaller footprint than a bed would and I won't have to buy a mattress so it's a win-win!

Is anyone surprised by my choices? I try to mix it up but I feel like I'm so predictable!

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  1. Ohhhhhhh, the emerald mirror is fantastic!

  2. Thanks! I'll have actual after photos posted tomorrow instead of the Photoshopped one :)

  3. I do love the emerald choice on the mirror. It's going to look great! Can't wait to see it tomorrow. Good call on the couch. You know once you decided you'll find something awesome on Craigslist!

  4. Great choices! Don't you wish you could snap your fingers and make the photoshopped mirror a reality?

    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  5. Amber -Haha probably! Isn't that how it always works?!

    Kelly - How awesome would that be?! The Photoshopped version looks so much better than the actual version too haha

  6. I love the emerald too! How exciting!
    Well if you do find something on CL, that'll save you some $$$ but I love your choice. Good luck!

  7. Yesss! I win! I totally chose emerald green from the get-go. Not like it was competition or anything though.

    And I'm kinda digging the wire globe lantern for the dining room. But yay for buying both and seeing which one works!

  8. The mirror is fab! As for the dining room light: I vote for the wire one! Not only will it help support a fellow blogger but it's simply beautiful and matches the rest of your decor in that room. Not to mention it's different and doesn't scream Ikea..not that there's anything wrong with that...=) Just my two cents!! =)


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