February 8, 2013

Blue French Horn

Remember the $5 brass French horn looking instrument I got for my (completely unofficial) Macklemore thrift shop challenge? If not, here's a refresher:

Update: Thanks to Brandi's expertise, I now know that I have a Trompe de Chasse and not a "French horn looking instrument" :)

I mentioned how I planned on painting it blue as a nod to the blue French horn Ted stole for Robin in an episode of How I Met Your Mother and a lot of you seemed to be as excited about the idea as I was! Well guess what happened Wednesday night? The French horn went from brass to blue!

Painting it was pretty simple. I took the price sticker off, removed its sticky residue with some Goo Gone, and then washed the entire thing with some soap and water. I let it dry for a little bit before taking it outside and painting it with a few thin and even coats of spray paint:

I chose Rustoleum's "Deep Blue" spray paint because it looked very similar to the blue used on the HIMYM French horn:

After it was dry to touch, I brought it into my garage and let it cure for 24 hours before hanging it on the wall:

I'm not actually sure if it's going to end up hanging somewhere or if it'll be used as a decorative item in a vignette.

What would you do with the French horn if it was yours?

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  1. I saw an episode of Junk Gypsy...they turned a horn into a light fixture!!

  2. I love it! I think I'd use it in a vignette like you said.

  3. I think that's the same blue as our LOVE letters on the mantel. It's such a great color! It turned out great. Thanks for the screenshot of HIMYM for reference. You nailed it! ;)

  4. Geesha - That sounds awesome!

    Julia - Thanks! That's the plan for now :)

    Amber - That's awesome that I picked the same color! I'm just happy I found one close enough since my other options were baby blue and navy haha And thanks!

  5. What you have is called a Trompe de Chasse. What Ted is holding is a French Horn. A mellophone looks more like a trumpet with extra tubing. Just thought you should know.

    Definitely a cute idea to paint it blue!

  6. That's good to know Brandi! The HIMYM wiki said it was a Mellophone so that's why I mentioned it. Nice to know it's an actual French horn though! :)

  7. I am soooo jealous that you can spray paint! I have a few things I want to do but it is too cold out! :(

    But I do love how it turned out!

  8. I was a music major in college and we are famous for turning old musical instruments into lamps, lol. Or putting plexiglass on top and making tables. With your horn....I would do one of those encased frames and put it inside. I might would put some old, yellowed sheets of music and other things with it, behind it, etc. I don't watch the show you got the idea from but its cute!

  9. I'm curious to see what you do with it because I have something similar. I'm actually impressed that you didn't buy it and leave it in a closet somewhere for a year before you painted it. That's my M.O.

    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  10. Love it! I think it'd look cool in a gallery wall. Excited to see what you do with it!

  11. Scotty - I love the lamp idea! I don't know if a cord would fit through the instrument but I could try it and see what happens. The shadowbox idea is great too!

    Kelly - Haha that's usually my M.O. too but spray painting weather came early so I couldn't resist! If it makes you feel any better, we've been working on a table for 3 months now. Well technically we only worked on it 1 day and haven't been back to it in 3 months haha

    Chelsea - Thanks! A gallery wall is a great idea! I need to find a better way to hang it though since the exposed nails kind of drive me insane haha


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