February 1, 2013

My (Completely Unofficial) Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge Finds

Last Friday, Young House Love issued The (Completely Unofficial) Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge and I gladly accepted it!

For those of you unfamiliar with the song, you can watch the clean version of the video here:

If you don't like rap music, or can't watch the video because you're at work, basically Macklemore goes thrift shopping with "20 dollas in his pocket" looking for a "come up" AKA something of value. It's become an anthem of sorts for those that frequent thrift shops regularly.

Young House Love asked that we do the following three things to participate in the challenge:

Step #1. Go to a thrift shop with – just as the chorus of the song says – “$20 in your pocket” and take a picture.

I'm making a horrible face but step 1's done!

Step #2. Spend that $20 any way you’d like and photograph your spoils.

I spent my "20 dollas" (err, $18.55) on the following:

I'll give more info on them in a minute but first!

Step #3. Find one item (or more) referenced in the song and snap a pic.

I actually found two items referenced in the song. The first one was a "dookie brown leather jacket" like this one shown in Macklemore's video:

The leather jacket I found at Saver's is nearly identical to his!

Clearly I was pretending to pose with an imaginary cowboy hat haha

The second item I found was some velcro Pro Wings shoes:

The shoes I found weren't the Pro Wings brand but they did have a velcro strap and a winged logo! Totally counts, right? It better cause I stuck my bare feet in those things haha

Back to my finds!

I got this French horn looking instrument for $5:

I plan on painting it blue as a nod to the blue French horn Ted stole for Robin in an episode of How I Met Your Mother :) Psst: any other HIMYM fans out there?

I also got a set of 6 vintage photographs that I'm in love with:

The photos were all taken in Alaska in the late 60's:

The photo in the top right is of a volcano that was taken at 37,000 feet en route to Alaska! Crazy!

I wouldn't know anything about the photos if the previous owner hadn't written a little note about them on the back piece of cardboard:

The photo's locations vary from Mt. McKinley, to Portage, AK, to Cordova, AK:

The frames they came in are in great condition:

But I don't plan on keeping the photos in them:

Instead, I'd love to frame them in something a little more modern. I'm thinking large, thin black frames with an oversized mat surrounding the photos, kind of like this:

[ Image via Samantha Pynn ]

It's sad to think that these photos may have been dropped off at the thrift shop because someone's parents/grandparents died (or went to a nursing home) and their kid(s) didn't want them anymore. Being able to give them a new life (so to speak) makes me happy :)

What do you think of my finds? Did you participate in the challenge? What'd you find?

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  1. Yes, the french horn from HIMYM! You should totally paint it blue ;)
    I love those pictures and the frames. I think the pictures would really look great re-framed as you suggested. Glad you could 'rescue' them!
    I didn't participate in the challenge. I already spent all my "buying stuff for the house" money in January for a project to re-do and organize my desk area, but I'm sure I'll be on the look-out for some of the more hilarious items from the video on future trips.

  2. Caitlyn I LOVE LOVE LOVE the prints that you found!!!

    I didn't do the challenge because it is the end of the month (bills are due!) so this past week we challenged ourselves not to spend more than we had in our wallets...which was less than $20 each and we succeeded! Kind of bummed that I missed out but maybe next time! Haha

  3. This is so fun! One fact about me: I love rap, LOL! My husband gets so annoyed at times.
    Love your finds...our thrift store sucks lately, I go every week and I haven't found a thing!
    I love the horn and prints and I know exactly what you are talking about that it is sad in a way...every time I go to an estate auction (that is actually at someone's house who died or went to a nursing home) I get all sad. Especially when they sell old family photos.

  4. I can't believe you put your feet in those shoes. Haha you win! You found some really great stuff. Can't wait to see the pictures up and the horn painted.

    Amber @ Wills Casa

  5. Thanks Sarah! Love his video, so fun!

    Thanks Crystal! Glad you completed your own challenge of saving some money! There's always next time to spend it haha

    Haha I love rap too, Julia! In fact, I bought Macklemore's entire album (which is really good by the way) after listening to a few of his other songs!

    Thanks Amber! I can't believe I put my feet in them either! They were relatively clean on the inside and I only had them on for maybe a minute to take a few photos so it wasn't too gross haha

  6. Love those prints and the french horn. This was such a fun challenge. I learned so many new expressions LOL.

  7. The second I saw that horn I was going to ask if you were painting it blue...then I read you were and why....we kindred spirits my friend. Great haul!

  8. Thanks Katja! I learned a lot of new ones too haha I loved your frame by the way!

    Our life in action - Yes we are! Love me some HIMYM :)

  9. That jacket is perfect! And I see a good future for those frames.

  10. Haha I love that you did the YHL challenge!! Those frames are a pretty sweet find.

  11. I had to do it haha Can't pass up a thrifting challenge!

  12. I LOVE those prints! I bet you can do something awesome with the frames too. And oh, I SO hope you picked up those shoes. :)

    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  13. Honestly, I actually really liked those shoes and contemplated buying them! They were only $9 buuuttt I left them behind haha

  14. Great finds! Spent a summer in Alaska in college, LOVE the prints!

  15. Love those photos and agree that they'd look great matted! And, no joke, when I read your comment on my finds earlier, I almost spit out my coffee, because earlier this year I also purchased a brass horn like that to spray paint blue in an HIMYM homage! Great minds :) Love your blog!

  16. I immediately thought HIMYM. Funny. I want to find one now. My husband is obsessed with that show.

    Great frame finds as well!

  17. You found some great things. I love the horn.

    -Tiana @ muse-decor.com

  18. Thanks Brittany! That's so awesome that you found a French horn too! Can't wait to see yours all blue :)

    Michelle - I saw some listed on eBay for around $8- $10. Not too bad! Apparently it was a Christmas decoration haha

    Tiana - Thanks! :)

  19. Yessss! Please paint the horn blue. We love HIMYM but I'm getting kind of annoyed now. SHOW US TED'S FREAKIN' WIFE ALREADY!

    Love the frames!

  20. I'm getting annoyed too! How much longer can they drag meeting his wife out?! I did hear that their last season is going to be next year so they've got to start wrapping things up soon! Well, hopefully haha

  21. At first I saw the frames and assumed you were getting them so you could spraypaint them all a fun color, becuase.. . you know, in "blogland" that's what people do. I was so stoked to read that not only are you using the photos, but that they have someone's stories on the back! I love that you're keeping their memories alive, so to speak. So cool.
    I also vote for a blue french horn, and I also am freakin' irritated at how long the HIMYM is dragging out the actual meeting of the mother. Seriously. SHOW US TED'S WIFE!

  22. Thanks Jane! I actually like the original frames as-is and I'm planning on reusing them in the future :)

    I went to look at blue spray paints last night and could only find a bright blue but the HIMYM one looks like it's a royal/cobalt blue so I'm going to check again tonight! And I 100% agree on meeting the mother already!

  23. Those shoes are Creative Recreations. How did they end up in a Thrift Shop? LOL. http://www.cr8rec.com/


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