February 28, 2013


After all of yesterday's excitement, do you think you can handle some more? I hope so because today marks the 9th monthiversary in our new house! That means we're 3/4 of the way towards our one year housiversary and I can't believe it!

If you're new here (Hiiiii!), a monthiversary is where I recap all of the projects I've done around our house in the past month. This month's projects included:

My (Completely Unofficial) Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge finds

• My shocking and unexpected Homie Awards nomination

• A DIY'd pyramid stud trim vase

• A blue French horn

• My gem show recap

• My gem show finds + my first giveaway

• My DIY Network feature

• A Liebster bog award

The winner of said giveaway

Progress on our foyer

…and last but not least!

• My DIY'd trunk coffee table AKA my winter Pinterest challenge project

Wow, I ended up getting a lot more done than I though I did! Way to go me haha

What was your favorite project this month? What would you like to see me do next month?

Psst: stop back tomorrow as I kick off month 10 with another DIY project! Want a hint? It rhymes with "defiant aim" :)

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  1. Hey Caitlin! You should be so proud of yourself...you have accomplished quite a few milestones. Two awards, being featured on a diy network, and tons of great progress on your new pad! I am so tickled for you! Thank you for following my blog (in a non cult sort of way).

  2. Ooooh I still want to do a post on the Liebster award you gave me!! And I haven't told you yet but I got my agate slices and I LOVE LOVE them!! I'm going to have to hide them for now since Ruby wants to play with them and Archer wants to chew on them.

    You had an awesome month!

  3. Thanks Geesha! Things are picking up and projects are getting noticed so it's definitely a great feeling! And you're welcome for the follow! You support me so I should support you too :)

    Yay! I'm so happy you like them, Crystal! Haha I hope they don't get them! What do you think you'll do with them?


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