March 20, 2013

Back Patio Plans

Spring has sprung around these parts:

And we've been wanting to spend more and more time outside lately. The problem is we don't really have any proper patio furniture.

When we moved into our house, we placed our old condo's dining room set outside on our patio because it was too small for our new house's dining room and we weren't sure what to do with it at the time:

It's stayed there for the past 9, almost 10 months:

It doesn't look bad from far way but the chairs are chipping:

And the table has some bubbled up parts on the top of it which I'm assuming happened from it being pelted with rain during monsoon season.

The patio is a decent size (15' long by 9' wide) so we'll be able to replace the old dining room set with a nice conversation set to lounge around on.

My boyfriend generously gave me part of his tax return to, and I quote, "buy whatever furniture I want for the house" sooo I'm going to be ordering this patio set from Target:

[ Image via Target ]

It's 20% off until the 23rd and Target's offering free shipping on all orders over $75 so that'll be a nice chunk of savings as well. I also have one of their Red cards so on top of the 20% off and the free shipping, we'll get an additional 5% off. Can't beat it!

I plan putting the love seat underneath the window with the two chairs across from it and the coffee table in the middle. The grill will most likely stay where it is. That plan might change though!

Aside from addressing the furniture situation, we'd also like to address our view:

See how we're staring at the side of our neighbor's house (the huge chunk of red)? It's not a terrible view and could definitely be worse but we'd like to prettify it if possible.

I'm thinking about buying or building some kind of slatted screen to help block the wall a little bit while adding some extra privacy. Kind of like this Photoshopped idea:

I like how it helps minimize the view of their wall but still lets some light in and doesn't completely enclose the patio. If we add the screen, the grill will move somewhere else so the love seat can be placed in front of it with the chairs across from it and the coffee table in the middle. We'll see what happens!

Additional plans include re-hanging the string lights, adding an outdoor rug, possibly adding a few plants in planters, and maybe hanging a piece of art from the slatted screen.

What do you think of the plans? Anything you'd add that I forgot?

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  1. If you haven't ordered yet, be sure to use for extra cash back!

  2. Great plans. Love the screen idea! And I'm sure the plants will make all the difference.
    Can't wait to see it all come together

  3. That patio furniture is sooo pretty! I love your choice, and what a fantastic deal you are getting on it!! Can't wait to see everything in place! :)

    PS-I wish I was feeling "springy" here...and that we were getting even in the 60's a couple days haha. It felt like 27 this morning. Bleh.

  4. Thanks for the tip Alli! That'll save us an extra $20 :D

    Thanks Julia! Hopefully we can pull it together before our first anniversary in the house :)

    Thanks Gabbi, I love it too! Ugh! I don't miss winter weather at all :( I hope you guys start getting some of the warm stuff soon!

  5. That furniture is awesome! I think the screen is a great idea. I love your idea to hang some art from it. Some pots with plants hanging from it would be cool too - especially if they were removable in case the plant died or you got tired of it! Can't wait to see it come together!

  6. Totally jealous of your "Spring" weather! I think the patio will be gorgeous with that furniture. I definitely vote for adding a rug & the wood slats! Enjoy the nice weather!

  7. Thanks Crystal! I didn't even think of hanging plants! Some nice big ones with succulents in them would be pretty and would probably be able to survive my black thumb haha

    Thanks Sarah! I hope you get some nice weather around your neck of the woods too :)

  8. I stopped reading at 90 degrees and patio.

    I kid. Sort of.

    Love that set you have picked out. The screen idea sounds fabulous as well!!

  9. You're killing me with that weather update! I'm in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada & we had our typical last storm of the season, aka St. Patty's Day storm, yesterday. The kids were happy though- snow day-no school! Anyway, I think the screen idea is a good one - especially for privacy purposes. When you & your boyfriend are trying to enjoy grilling & chilling on your new fab outdoor set you're ordering, you'll be glad you have a touch of privacy especially if there are kids next door. I have kids. I love kids. me....having everyone else's kids staring at you or running onto your patio isn't conducive to relaxation or romance!! I had a deck with privacy sides & a fence built last summer...worth every penny!!!

  10. What a fantastic space to work with! I can't believe it's already that warm down there. We're supposed to get several inches of snow this weekend. :(

  11. Michelle - I can't blame you! I stopped reading too ;)

    Natalie - Want to know something funny? My mom came *this close* to getting a job in Halifax about a year ago! I was all for it but the company went with another candidate :( Now I'm kind of glad they did because snow in March sounds like no fun haha

    Thanks for bringing up the kid thing too. Our neighbors have a little girl and she's only 2 or 3 now but I'm sure she'll start popping her head up over our fence in a few years! That screen will definitely come in handy then :)

    Ugh, Amy! That sucks! It's been a little gray/cloudy the past two days so maybe some of our sunshine is on its way over to you? Let's hope :)

  12. How fun to work on the backyard. I think I would move the BBQ off of the patio and place the sofa against your neighbor's wall to allow easier access from your sliding doors. A big colorful pot with a fast growing tree to mask the column and maybe extend the patio a bit with some brick or pretty gravel to support the BBQ and make it seem like you are not sitting right on the dirt. A candelabra on the wall to the left of the kitchen window to balance it with the other side that has the outdoor light. Good luck!

  13. I'm excited to see what you do! Please hurry up and finish today so I can be inspired by you in enough time to finish my own patio! :)

    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  14. We saw an awesome slat wall on our honeymoon - I love how they varied it between 6" and 4" boards - made it very artsy looking.

  15. (From previous comment) Finally, Pinterest decided to post my photo. Here's what it looked like!

  16. Loving the set you chose. And look how clean and slick that patio is. My outdoor area is a MESS. I'm dreading getting it cleaned up this spring. Although I have until June before spring will arrive, so there's time to slack before then. ;)


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