March 25, 2013

Framed Vintage Alaska Photos

Remember back in February when I got a set of 6 vintage Alaska photos as part of my (completely unofficial) Macklemore thrift shop challenge finds?

In case you've forgotten or you're new here, here's what they looked like before in their old thrift shop frames:

And here's what they look like now in their custom little black frames:

My boyfriend's uncle runs a local frame shop so we brought them over to him to have them framed:

I chose a thin black metal frame and a light pebble gray colored mat. It's a little hard to tell but the mat has a subtle linen texture to it which kind of plays off the grain in the old photos:

We went with a 2 1/2" edge at the top, a 2" edge on the left and right sides, and 8" at the bottom:

Not gonna lie, having the photos custom framed was a little on the expensive side but I got exactly what I wanted and I couldn't be happier with how they turned out! Now I just need to find a place to hang them in our house...

What do you think of the newly framed photos?

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  1. Seriously...Those are amazing now! I love how they turned out. I have a total soft spot for off centre matting. Looking forward to seeing where you put them.

  2. Ohhhhhhh, I love!! They look so awesome in their new frames! Totally worth it! :)

  3. oh wow! Yes, they certainly look more...contemporary now, don't they? I love them.

  4. These look GORGEOUS! I love the off-center mat & the black frames. Perfection.

  5. LOVE THEM!! They look so beautiful and the simplicity of the frame really helps the photo stand out!

  6. I do love them! I liked them the old way too but they look more like art and not just a picture in your new cool frames!

  7. Thanks everyone! You guys are so sweet :)

  8. Ooo, these look fancy!! I like them a lot!

  9. I loved the photos when you bought them, but they look stunning in those frames. I mean wow. The frames are awesome, and I love the mats! Beautiful!

  10. They look FAB! I would never have thought of putting such distance at the bottom like that. Was there "reason" to doing that or just like the way it looks? The linen vs picture age coupling is an excellent point.

  11. They look great! Love the pebble grey matting. I've been thinking about doing a grouping of pictures myself. Love the way you did the matting! Inspiration!! : )

    Sammy ~ Renew Redo

  12. that extra large matting would look great in your very tall entryway,I think.


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