March 13, 2013

Gallery Wall Art Options

I had some down time at work the other day so I quickly sketched up a potential gallery wall I was thinking about adding to the big blue wall in our loft. You may have seen me Instagram the photo:

Would you believe I graduated with a BFA from a private art school? Yeah, I wouldn't either but I did haha

The idea was to make my new piece of art the focus in the gallery wall. I really liked how it looked in our powder room but after I hung our "new" mirror last night (also Instagrammed -- more/better pics coming soon!):

It became clear that the art was competing with the mirror and there was just too much "bigness" happening. Big art, big mirror, big chunky shelves above the toilet. Too much was happening in such a tiny space so that's how the gallery wall idea was born.

Unfortunately (well, maybe fortunately for my bank account haha) I don't have nearly as much art as I thought I did. I framed a couple of pieces I had sitting around and dropped the 6 vintage Alaska photos off at my framer's last week but there's so. much. wall space in this house that I simply need more art! At least that's what I'm telling my wallet haha

Anyway, here's a few of the pieces I've been eyeing lately:

Be You Print //
Sugar Paper

[ Image via Sugar Paper ]

I love this print's simple message and shiny gold type. I think it'd look great hanging in a bathroom as a subtle reminder of how to start your day :)

Wildly Convinced Print //
K. Barteski

[ Image via K. Barteski ]

Another great message from another great print! I could see this one hanging in a bathroom or a bedroom serving as a little pick-me-up for those not-so-great days we all have. Or maybe in an entryway to give your confidence a nice boost before walking out the door?

Amethyst Print //
Land of Nod

[ Image via Land of Nod ]

I love this abstract take on a piece of amethyst. The colors are so pretty would really pop against our navy wall!

Things That Are Awesome //
Funnel Cloud

[ Image via Funnel Cloud ]

If I had this print, I'd probably discover a new awesome thing everyday! It'd be a great conversation starter :)

All in the Details //

[ Image via Minted ]

Pretty little print! Not much else to say about it but that. I think it'd look great with the "Be You" print at the top :)

I plan on buying a few of the prints above along with DIYing a few pieces of art for the future gallery wall. Art won't be the only thing going on the wall though! I'll also mix in different 3D objects like my blue French Horn, my Nate Berkus turtle shell, and a couple of mirrors just to keep things from getting too boxy.

Do you have a gallery wall? What's included in yours? I feel like I'm the last one to hop on the gallery wall train haha

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  1. I'm with ya! I want a gallery wall, like yesterday. BUT...I have no money. I have done a few diy pieces. Then I have no frames!! I think we need to do a gallery wall challenge and have people link up. Maybe that would light our fires? Get creative on a budget!!!
    On my wall I would like to use a big "B" for our last name. And the number 1871 since it is part of our address. A mirror. Pics. I did a thing of our name with scrabble pieces. Oh well...who knows! Just a few ideas!

  2. I love all the possible art pieces.
    I was actually thinking it would be fun if you'd frame your gallery wall sketch and hang it too because I happen to love it. Would be fun ;)
    My favorite is the Amethyst Print and you could totally DIY something similar.

  3. ooh, the things that are awesome print looks really fun! Also, I like your gallery wall sketch....I think you should hang IT on your gallery wall. it would blow everyone's mind.

  4. I LOVE the first one...probably because it is gold and positive. I'm also still in love with your Alaska prints!!!

    I've got a little gallery collection at our place and I'm thinking about doing one for Ruby's room as it starts to come together.

  5. Your gallery wall is going to be phenomenal! I have a couple frames up in our hallway, but I went crazy at Target a couple weeks ago and bought a million I'm going to create gallery walls galore! Now I just need some art to fill everything hehe.

  6. Geesha - I love that idea! I'll have to figure out the who, what's and why's but I think a challenge would be doable! I plan on incorporating a "C" for my name but it needs a little makeover first haha Address #'s sound fun too!

    Thanks Julia! Haha I just might frame the sketch :)

    Gretchen - I like that idea! Plus you can't beat free "art" ;)

    Thanks Crystal! Wait until you see them framed, you're going to want to come steal them haha Can't wait to see the gallery wall you put together for Ruby's room! Kids rooms seem like so much fun to decorate!

    I hope so Gabbi! I too love Target's frames! Do you guys have an Aaron's Brother's near you? Twice a year they have a penny sale where you buy one frame and get a second for a penny. I've never been but am planning on going and stocking up this year!

  7. You are killing me! I can't wait to see them!

    P.s. If you're hoping to score some Alt Summit SF tickets, make sure you refresh their page early (at least 10 minutes) and keep doing it until there is "Register" tab in the drop down menu for Alt SF (same drop down you use for find the FAQs). That worked perfectly for me and I think anyone who waited at all got jammed up in the system or missed them all together. Good luck!

  8. Filling up huge walls can be such a challenge! Looks like you have a lot of interesting pieces to start out with--which is great! I love the picture in your bathroom but agree it seems a little crowded in there. It's the perfect size to anchor a gallery wall!
    My gallery wall is here: (But it's been expanded about 2 feet to the left and I haven't photographed it yet!)
    Also, another really inexpensive way to fill up a lot of wall space is to use fabric canvases-- the effect is really great in, say, an entryway or something.


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