April 1, 2013

DIY Wood Monogram Letter

Happy Monday! How was your Easter weekend? Get anything good from the Easter bunny? I hope so :)

If you stopped by on Friday, you probably saw the updates we made to our front patio:

They included a large wooden "M" monogram that we DIY'd:

We made it out of 4, 1/2" x 3" x 24" pieces of craft wood:

We got them from Lowe's for another project that didn't end up working out. They were in the aisle by the nicer, more expensive pieces of oak and poplar. Here's the barcode if you need a reference:

We kept two of the pieces 24" long for the legs and cut the other two pieces down to 16" for the M's "V". We made 45 degree miter cuts on each end of the 16" pieces:

Before we connected the pieces, we did a test fit of the them to make sure the M's "V" was low enough and to make sure we liked the overall size of the letter:

After we gave it the thumbs up, we stapled the M's "V" to the legs:

Sidenote: if you have a Kreg Jig, use it to attach the pieces instead. We don't have one and I was rushing to finish this project so I grabbed my staple gun. If you can think of one, feel free to use a better, more effective attachment method instead :)

Anyway, we stapled both sides of the M because stapling one side wasn't stable enough:

I hammered the staples down into the wood and filled the gaps and hammer divets with wood filler:

Then I sanded everything down, spray painted it white and let it dry. The next night I attached two eye-hooks into the top of the M's "legs":

We threaded some 3/8" twisted manila rope through one eye hook and tied a knot in the end. Then we took the M outside, looped the rope over our outdoor light, and marked where we needed to cut it. After it was cut, we threaded it through the other eye hook and tied another knot.

The next morning, we draped the finished monogram over our light, stepped back and admired our work :)

The best thing about draping it over our light is that we can easily run out and take it down to bring it inside during monsoon season so it doesn't slam against our house or go flying off into our neighbor's yard:

I love the textured rope we used:

And how the monogram looks with the rest of our updates:

What do you think of our M? Will you be building a letter of your own?

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  1. My last name starts with M, so I can totally see making this! (at least M is a relatively easy letter!). I think it would look cute hanging on the front door too. Love the chunky rope.

  2. Ooo, this is fun. I feel like "S" may be more of a challenge!

  3. I'm with Michelle - S could be more of a challenge but we do have W's in the family. You did a good job covering up the staples and I love your welcome mat.

  4. I know I say this about everything you do, but.... I really like it.

  5. Absolutely fabulous! It looks so modern and the white is so fresh against the beige of the wall. My new last name will be "M" too!

  6. Kelly - I was thinking about hanging it on our front door but that wall looked so blank haha Maybe I'll make a smaller something for the door!

    Michelle - You could always make a squared off "S", kind of like a backwards 5. Or do one that has 45 degree angles on the edges!

    Thanks Crystal! :)

    Awww, thanks Amy!

    Yay for M's! I'm not an "M" yet but maybe soon ;)

  7. Love it and I love the thickness of the boards you used and how easy to staple them together. Filing this away under - have to do - :)

  8. I love the textured rope against the crisp white "M". It looks great!! :)

  9. Thanks Katja! Can't wait to see your letter :)

    Thanks Gabbi!

  10. I love this. So simple. I love how bold it is. I need to some how decorate my front porch. I literally have NOTHING up there. Bore snore snooze fest in my entry way. I should take a page from your book of AWESOME.

  11. So cute and simple. Pinning this, will be making a "N" this summer for my front porch. Thanks!

  12. This is so fun! What a great project and it looks great on your porch.


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