April 22, 2013

Updated Staircase Landing

UPDATE: Click here for the full DIY shelf tutorial :)

Happy Monday! What'd you guys do over the weekend? Something fun I hope!

We did this:

Yep, we changed our staircase landing! I'm sure the post title gave that away though ;)

If you've been a reader for a while, you may remember it looking like this back in October:

I liked the console table we built for the space but we moved it behind Chester when we were updating our loft which left us with a blank wall:

We built another set of chunky wooden floating shelves (tutorial can be found here) to fill the wall and take the console table's place:

Anddd I'm pretty much in love with them:

I'm in love with everything actually:

The styling was ridiculously hard. Like took-me-an-entire-day-to-do hard. I don't know how people like Emily Henderson do it!

Just for fun I put together a little GIF of the styling so you can see how I did it:

Granted that was taken after I spent an entire day fidgeting with practically every object I own haha

I challenged myself to only use things I had in my decorative accessories hoard rather than going out and buying more stuff:

I think I did a pretty good job!

Not to toot my own horn or anything but every time I style something I think to myself "Self, that's the best styling you've ever done!" but then I go and style something else and I think the same thing but these shelves? These are the best I've ever styled!

Take a look :)

Fun fact #1: 3 of the 8 books came from the Dollar Store and 2 of the others came from the thrift shop!

Fun fact #2: the only book I've read on the shelves is Nate Berkus' book. I take that back, I got 30 pages into Spent but gave up and I've paged through Design*Sponge, Decorate, and Shelter Dogs. That counts for something, right?

Fun fact #3: I finally got around to painting my pig! I spray painted him Rust-Oluem's "Lobster Red" since it kind of tied in with the color of the books on the first shelf and since I had the spray paint on hand haha

For those of you wondering how far the shelves stick out, they don't stick out very far:

The depth of the shelves are an inch less than our console table but the fact that they're floating makes it look like they take up a lot less space than before:

Ready for some before and afters?

Big difference, right?!

So. Much. Better.

I try not to be one who begs for pins, shares or tweets but I'd love it if you could help me get this project seen! A lot of blood, sweat, and tears (literally) went into it and I'm really proud of the work we've done. It's also taken me 6 hours to pick and edit all of these photos, edit and create the animated photos, and write this post so that's another reason I'd like it to be seen haha


What do you think of our updated staircase landing? Much better, right?!

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  1. Love the GIF, of course the shelves (so awesome) too and I totally agree Emily Henderson makes it seam effortless when she styles anything. Love the color of the pig too...reminds me of the Hacienda tile spray that I always use.
    And will share on Pinterest ;) but if I'd only knew which awesome photo to pick LOL

  2. Don't worry, I'll share. Love the shelves, but the pig totally stole my heart! The PERFECT colour!

  3. Gosh! You are on a roll with your house! You'll be finished before the summer at the rate you're going! All your updates are absolutely gorgeous. You have a true gift for styling. Can't wait for the tutorial!

  4. This looks amazing! I seriously adore those chunky shelves and feel like I need some in my life. Stat.

    You have a touch with the styling - even if it may have taken awhile. I don't have the patience for that, so my "styling" never looks good. Never.

    Amazing job!

  5. Thanks Julia! I've never heard of the Hacienda tile spray but I'll have to look for it! Thanks for sharing :)

    Thanks Bonnie!

    Thanks Kelly! Glad you like the color as much as I do :)

    Thanks Emily! Even with all of the work we've been doing, we're still so far away from being finished. In fact, I think I counted 7 untouched rooms last night haha

    Thanks Kim! You definitely need some shelves in your life! I threw in the towel a few times on the styling but it kept bugging me so I kept working at it until I ended up with what I did. Practice (maybe patience?) makes perfect :)

  6. Ah it looks amazing! I LOVE how it turned out! I don't know how Emily Henderson or you do it!

  7. Thanks Amber! Emily's a pro, I just have a lot of time on my hands haha

  8. That pig can FLY!!!! Love it in orange. I love love love the styling. What a great project!!

  9. Wow! Even before you brought up the styling, I was thinking to myself that the styling looked fab! Love the pig in its bright new color, too. Overall such a great impact while looking lighter and perfect for the space!

  10. LOVE THE PIG. Hahaha, can I take him home with me?

  11. Thanks Katja! :)

    Awww, thanks Staci! It's kind of crazy to see how much different the landing looks now and you're right - it is lighter and brighter!

    Thanks Creative Lift Antics! If he goes missing, I know who to ask haha ;)

  12. Perfect solution for a narrow space! Cute styling too! I think that bookshelves can be tricky :) Good job!

  13. Thanks Sarah! Bookshelves are tricky but I think I'm getting better at them. At least that's what I tell myself :)

  14. That. Artwork. Is. My. Everything. Where did you find it/ did you paint it? Everything looks so great! It's so easy to be heavy-handed with styling...I constantly have to be careful of that!

  15. Thanks Shannon! I got the artwork from HomeGoods last month. There's a sticker on the back that has some faded type on it but from what I can read, the painting came from an auction house in Las Vegas. I can't make out the name of the artist or auction house but I've been dying to try and look it up and see if it's a famous painting. It's probably not but I'd love to know more info about it!

    You could always DIY a similar piece with a thick brush and some watered down paint! Toss in some paint splatters for good measure and voila! :)

  16. Those are fabulous! I have the same diving helmet thingie in my nursery :). And you should read Catch-22 ;)

  17. Thanks Gretchen! I love that you have the same helmet! Is Catch 22 good? I've wanted to read it since I got it oh, you know, like 2 years ago but I have the attention span of a gnat and can't focus on anything haha One of these days I'll read it, I swear!

  18. It is good....well, I'm pretty sure it's good. It was good when I read it in high school, anyway! And it has a Milo in it, and I have a Milo, so that makes me partial to it. I should read it, too.

  19. Good to know! Milo's such a great name :)

  20. love this. i just pinned for you. i hear what you mean with the 92849382 hours of editing and getting a post together - hence why my blogging attempts were an epic fail. this looks great!


  21. You have a real eye for styling. I have noticed that over the several months I followed your blog. Imagine how those white pieces would look if the back wall weren't white! And I love the red pig!

  22. I LOVE how it came out! I agree with Diane above me here--you have a great eye for styling! That's something I should get better at . . . I do okay with big picture stuff, but am clueless when it comes to the details. Great work!

  23. I love the new hallway! The styling is awesome. I actually saw this really weird diver's helmet ice bucket from the 70s at the thrift shop yesterday. Of course I thought of you! :)

  24. What is going on with that pig and why isn't it at my house?! This whole space is GORGEOUS, and yes, that's the best styling just about anyone's ever done. Looks. AMAZING.
    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  25. Thanks See! Yes, so much time and effort goes into blogging but I'm hoping it'll pay off soon! :)

    Thanks Diane! :)

    Thanks Rachel! I think the little details trip us all up sometimes :)

    Thanks Crystal! That ice bucket sounds awesome! It would fit right in in my old man's lounge haha

    Thanks Kelly! The little piggy spent too much time in the hot Arizona sun haha I've seen a few of them pop up at our HomeGoods recently. If I see another one, I'll snag him for you :)

  26. You are the styling queen. (There's a great post idea for you! :))

    That orange pig is AMAZING!!

  27. I LOVE that pig in lobster red! Great styling too.

  28. If you have a HomeGoods near you, you should check them out! If not, Z Gallerie sells a smaller version of a flying pig :)

  29. i realise this is a 'relatively old' post but i am new to your site... i absolutely love this, especially the orange flying pig :)

  30. The shelves are amazing. The styling is amazing. The art on the wall is amazing!


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