May 3, 2013

Glass Globe Pendants

If you've been reading my blog for a while now, you may remember the string globe bar pendants I made to replace the builder-basic shades on our bar island pendant lights:

A few months later, I tossed one of my dogs toys over my shoulder and this reenactment happened:

Yep, the toy hit the string globe which fell into the sink and landed directly in a pot of spaghetti sauce that I was soaking. Needless to say we were pendant-less for a while. Well, the pendant arms (?) were still hanging, but they were shadeless.

Fast forward to last month when I received a 20% off coupon code from West Elm. I had been eyeing their globe pendant lamps for a while but didn't really have the money to get them. The 20% off deal was too good to be true though so I pulled the trigger and voila!

I don't have any installation pictures because the installation kicked our ass. Pardon my French. Basically the trouble started at the very end, when we had to shove 6 1/2 feet of cord into the ceiling box that was, oh I don't know, maybe 6" in diameter and maybe 2" deep? Nightmare.

You see the cord the pendant's come with is 116" long which is great if you have vaulted ceilings. Even though our ceilings are 10 feet tall, we only needed the pendants to hang down 38.5" which means the rest of the cord had to go into the ceiling.

I told my boyfriend to just cut the cord a little after where we needed it but we weren't sure if we could just pull the wires from the cord out and then connect them to the ones in the ceiling box or if we'd run into other problems so we cussed and fought our way through packing the excess cord into the ceiling until the last screw was tightened.

Thankfully they're pretty to look at (ignore our sad living room) :)

Have you ever had an installation take twice as long as it should?

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  1. Yup, I remember those string pendants and still love them! But those glass globes look awesome.
    I think every one of my installations takes twice as long ;)
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I LOVE the glass ones! They look great. real question is...did you eat the spaghetti sauce after the dog toy landed in it? I am sure it's one of those things that I would stood there and stewed on for a while if it had happened to me!

  3. Have to say I literally laughed out loud when I scrolled down and saw the play-by-play dog toy frame! Very funny! Not about the string pendants, though. As for the "have you ever" query.... Do you remember the sitcom Home Improvement? There's ALOT of similarities between MY hubby and Tim Taylor. EVERYTHING takes MUCH longer than it should. And if the round peg doesn't fit into the square hole....we simply get a bigger hammer and MAKE it go in! So your boyfriend is doing VERY well. Be thankful. :)

  4. It looks great! Love the re-eneactment. Oh why do they make those cords so long!? I had to do something similar with the new light in the office. Nearly 6' of cord we wrapped around the canopy and it barely fits. What a pain!

  5. Those are so pretty! Sometimes I get mad that my kitchen is the only room in my house that came with adequate overhead lighting, and it's just boring can lights--like a million of them. No excuse for pretty pendants!

  6. The pendants look awesome. I love how clean looking they are. Installation always takes longer than I plan for. Typically Nick is doing the installing, so I just sit then and tell him to hurry up! ;)

  7. Next time cut the cord! LOL :) I LOVE them but they were more than I wanted to spend so I went with the YHL ones (which I do love too). Good that you got a deal!

  8. Thanks Julia! Hope you have a great weekend as well :)

    Thanks Kelly! We had already eaten, I was just soaking the pan we had the sauce in so the pendant fell into a mix of soapy water and leftover sauce. I tried saving it but that didn't work.

    Scotty - I do remember Home Improvement! I loved that show! And yes, he's doing good :)

    Thanks Emily! Cord lengths are ridiculous! The worst part is when you get it all wrapped up and stuffed in and then you can't get the screw in so you have to let the whole thing down and start over again. Ugh, what a pain haha

    Thanks Gretchen! We have 5 can lights in addition to the two bar pendants which is a lot for our kitchen. We hardly ever have the bar lights on though so they're more for decoration I guess :)

    Thanks Amber! I like your installation method! I may have to try it some time haha

    Thanks Crystal! I loved the YHL ones but I wanted something gigantic haha The West Elm ones are so big that they look like fish bowls! They're perfect though :)

  9. I loved your string globes, but I love these glass ones even more! Now you just need to make sure not to aim any more dog toys in that direction!
    PS the re-inaction photo is awesome

  10. Oh I love how the glass pendents look, but I also love the string pendents.

    The glass with the chrome is really classy!

    No more throwing toys over left shoulder now, huh?

  11. Love them! Super sleek and modern. And I love the reenactment.

  12. Good point...I think I also remember thinking the WE would be too big for our space. LOL The YHL ones definitely would have been too small for you're place now that you mention it.

  13. Everything we do takes twice as long as it should. :/

    Those are FANTASTIC!

  14. Yup, sounds about right! Haha.

    Those new globes are so likeyyyy! :)

  15. Everything we do takes longer than it should! But fortunately the lights look amazing in your kitchen!

    Kelly @ View Along the Way

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