May 31, 2013

One Year Houseiversary

I'm sure you're sick of hearing about it but today is officially our one year houseiversary!

This time last year my boyfriend, his brother and I were in the process of figuring out how to Tetris all of the belongings from our condo + everything in our full storage unit into a 17' U-Haul which is surprisingly smaller than it sounds. We got 90% of it to our new house in one trip and only had to make a few more trips by car to get the remaining fragile things like our TV, large artwork, and our dogs.

Anyway, during our 6th monthiversary, I included a round up of 6 of my favorite posts/projects – one from each month. I thought I'd add 6 more projects to that list to celebrate the first year of projects in our new (now old, I suppose) house :)

Month 1 //
The EAT sign in our kitchen

Month 2 //
My DIY campaign style desk

Month 3 //
My HomeGoods console table makeover

My DIY'd string globe pendants were a close second :)

Month 4 //
My DIY'd $15 chunky wooden floating shelves AKA my most popular post ever!

Month 5 //
My DIY'd $18 console table

Month 6 //
My dollar store dinnerware

Month 7 //
My Gold Leaf Agate Slice Coasters

Month 8 //
My $8 Faux Malachite Boxes

Month 9 //
The trunk coffee table we made out of a shady Craigslist find

Month 10 //
Our front patio updates

Month 11 //
Our updated staircase landing

Month 12 //
When I won #DBStar

Happy anniversary house! We're so happy to call you home :D

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  1. This was an awesome post! I love looking back on all of your PHENOMENAL projects!! :)

  2. That campaign desk gets me every time! Great round-up!

  3. You seriously have the best sense of style. You have a knack for it. That's for sure! :)

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Kenz, you're so sweet! Thanks for the permasmile :)

  5. Happy Houseiversary! You've done so many awesome things in just one year!


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