May 23, 2013

Our Office: Before

I have a confession to make. I think I might be a semi-hoarder. Is that a thing? Case in point: this room doesn't look too bad, right?


This is one of our spare bedrooms AKA the room where decorative accessories, mirrors, artwork, lamps, and extra furniture goes to die:

It's ridiculous.

I can't even believe I'm sharing these photos with you guys haha

In my defense, we still have a bunch of untouched rooms and all of these things can be used to decorate them. Yay for not buying more stuff! Lies. We all know I'll buy more crap haha

Anyway, after about 45 minutes, everything in the room was completely cleared out except for the heavy dresser that's storing more decorative accessories you can't see. I'm out of control...

It's a pretty tiny room, measuring around 10' 4" x 11' 7":

It gets good light:

So we're turning it into an office and then we'll eventually turn the room that was our office into the guest room:

So far we've only moved our desks in but I've got some plans brewing:

I'd like to line a few bookcases along this wall so I'll have space to display all my crap haha

I was originally thinking of getting some Billy bookcases from IKEA but now I'm thinking of getting some Vittsjo units instead.

The original plan was to buy 4 bookcases + 8 extenders (2 per bookcase) so the Billy's would span from floor to ceiling. We would add moulding of some sort to make them look like built-ins. I like that idea but I think it might be too overpowering in such a small room and I don't know if I have enough stuff to fill 40 shelves.

The Vittsjo's are open and airy and wouldn't be as overpowering as a built-in set of Billy's. The only negative I can see about them is the glass shelves. They're tempered but I'd still be worried about them breaking from getting bumped into or being overloaded with stuff. There's plenty of hacks for them out there though so I'm sure I can figure out another solution!

Moving on...

I'd love to add a gallery wall above our desks. I also want to turn my boyfriend's desk into a campaign style one like mine:

I was originally thinking about painting the entire wall with chalkboard paint and then layering a gallery wall on top of it but I couldn't think of anything I'd write or draw on the wall so I scratched the idea. I still love chalkboard walls though :)

I'd eventually like to replace the lovely boob light:

I'm not sure what we'll replace it with but I'm looking forward to the day it goes away!

Other to-do items include painting the room, maybe figuring out a solution to hide my boyfriend's computer tower, getting some curtains for the window, finding some artwork for the other walls, putting a rug down, and cleaning the rest of my hoard out of the closet.

I have a 5 day weekend ahead of me so here's to hoping I can get a lot done!

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  1. Love before pictures. Can't wait to see what you'll do!

  2. you should check out this post

    she did the vittsjo units DIY and it looks AMAZING.

  3. um....the zombie head is freaking me out. Maybe you should put your pretty masked bust on your side to even it out??? I am a hoarder too - don't worry, you aren't alone!

  4. Enjoy your 5 days off! Can't wait to see the progress. For the record, I think it's completely normal to hoard in unused/infrequently used spaces. ;)

  5. Julia - Before pictures are fun but they're so embarrassing haha Oh well, they'll just make the "after" look much better!

    Erin - I've seen her DIY but I don't know if I could make a set as beautiful as hers!

    Kelly - It freaks me out too! It's this weird casing for the Walking Dead collector's edition that my boyfriend got. It'll probably end up on the shelves so be prepared for it to make another appearance haha

    Thanks Amber! I hope it's normal! Every time I buy something else I think "oh I'll just put that there" even though that "there" space hasn't even been started haha One day :)

  6. If it's a thing, I am one too! Our guest room is a disaster. eek. Good luck getting it all finished up!

  7. okay that really isn't that bad. :)

    I took friday off to work on a bunch of things! woohoo for a long 4 day weekend for me!

  8. Loving your plan! What a nice, light-filled room to start with!\

    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  9. I feel like this is normal people stuff. Everyone has a junk room. I have two. ;)

    And that zombie head...yikes. I'm terrified and fascinated all at the same time.

  10. My entire basement is a junk room. Don't be too hard on yourself.

    Zombie head: the new bust.

  11. well you have to put all your awesome stuff somewhere! Totally normal - I'm sure of it...

  12. This is looking great already. I'm always amazed at the transformation by just getting rid of clutter! But seriously, where did all that crap go? Is it hiding out of the frame? ;)

  13. So glad I'm not the only one!! We just went through my "office" and cleaned out a lot for our yard sale but it still looks rough. I have a hallway closet claimed too. It's where target clearance goodies go ;)

    I love those bookcases and think they would look great there!


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