May 8, 2013

Random Thoughts

The project train has slowed down significantly around here since my boyfriend was away in California most of last week and weekend. When he got back, we were busy celebrating a friend's engagement and saying goodbye to an out-of-town guest so needless to say, nothing got done which was fine with me! I mean, who wants to work on projects when they come back from paradise anyway? Not I, I mean him…

Since we don't have anything going on at the moment, I thought I'd give you a glimpse into my mind by sharing a few of the random thoughts I've been having lately:

Thought #1
Should I paint the EAT sign in our kitchen?

Now that we've hung our new glass globe pendants up, the kitchen is pretty much done. We may add a backsplash and some under cabinet lighting but other than that, there's not much left to do. However, when I was looking at all of the photos I took of our new pendants, I couldn't help but feel bored by the room. It's all very neutral with black, brown, and gray/silver tones throughout.

I don't do color very well but I was thinking that maybe a little pop of it couldn't hurt! Enter my attempts at embracing a colorful EAT sign here:

The hot pink would tie into the art in our living room, the navy would work with the drapes in our dining room and the console table in our living room, the orange is just fun, the black is boring but bold, and for the white, I was thinking it would fade into the wall kind of like Kelly's latest artwork. It's a bland idea but I could paint the sides of each letter a color for an unexpected surprise!

What do you think?

Thought #2
Ceiling fan update

I ordered three new ceiling fans yesterday! You may remember the great ceiling fan debate (not really haha) back in March. Well, I found a whole new batch of fans I wanted last month and finally decided to get 3 of these guys from Home Depot:

I really, I mean REALLY, wanted a fan that shall remain brand/nameless but the cost of 3 of them (how many I need) was going to be more than one of my mortgage payments sooo, I passed. Well, in all honesty, I thought about it for a few weeks, contemplated selling a kidney, and even came close to hitting the "submit order" button a couple of times but when it came down to it, I really couldn't justify the price of them.

The ones from Home Depot are Energy Star certified like my house (yes, I live in a "green home") and I figured they'd do a better job at lowering my A/C bill than the gorgeous ones would and isn't that ultimately the point of a ceiling fan?

If I win the lottery or if the kidney requiring fans ever go on a super mega sale, I might order them for our future dream home but who knows, I may love the Home Depot ones more! We'll see what happens when they get here :)

Thought #3
How much do built-in outdoor kitchens cost?

[ Image via Garden Design ]

This is a stretch and a big one but it's something I've been contemplating for a day. I know, I know, that's not much time to make a decision on something but the idea of having an outdoor kitchen makes me all giddy inside!

In sticking with the theme of lowering our A/C bill, we'd like to grill out a lot more this summer. We're talking 5-6 nights a week since heating up an oven heats up your whole house and makes your A/C and fans work harder making your bill go up. It's already as hot as a furnace outside most days during the summer here so you can imagine how hard our system is working already.

[ Image via Houzz ]

If we could afford it, I'm thinking we could have it built in between the house and patio column, kind of like how it is above.

I'd love to have a grill, sink, mini fridge and maybe a small countertop space included so all of the prep work could be done in one place. This is of course another one of my "if I win the lottery/for the dream house" ideas but if we can make it a reality in our current house without selling a kidney, that'd be cool too!

That's what I've been thinking about lately, what have you been thinking about?

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  1. The EAT sign in color would be really nice. How about emerald?
    And I have also been dreaming about an outdoor kitchen for years!

  2. We built our own bbq island. The grill was the most money, I think about $1000, the actual island was about $200.00, we used cinder block, my hubby did most of the work, I tiled the top. We love it and use year round. I didn't put in a sink or refrig. The cost of running the frig is expensive (we live in Phoenix) and decide it wasnt worth it. ~Rosanne. P.S. I say orange on the EAT sign.

  3. Oh, I second Julia's comment above. Emerald...maybe with gold edges? Or would gold look weird with the lights? Maybe silver edges. Get your leafing out....

  4. I think the EAT sign would look hot in Gold. Another idea: How about moving the coffee maker over to the peninsula so it isn't on the focal wall. Then move the white container to the left of the stove and put something gold with it (small brass container or something) and then the green plant (Is that a peace lily?) to the right of the stove and maybe something else green... Apples?, Perrier bottles? or something. And add a hint of gold or brass there. Like a gold band on a bowl... That way you will have created a triangle of color that the eye can travel around by. Just a thought... Of course you are already the STYLE master as evidenced by your recent floating shelves :) so I am sure you could come up with something even more fabulous :)

  5. Julia - I was thinking emerald but we all saw how badly the emerald paint job turned out on my mirror. If I could find a pretty emerald spray paint, I might give it a go though!

    Rosanne - $1,000 isn't too bad! Much less than I thought it'd be! I live in Tucson so I'm sure it'd be expensive to run a refrigerator too and I'm not sure if they'd be able to tap into a water line or not for the sink. Questions to jot down and ask if/when the time comes!

    Kelly - I don't think gold would look weird with the lights! I like mixing metals :)

    Katja - Gold would look good! Colorful accents would definitely add a little something to the kitchen and break up the boringness! Thanks for the ideas :)

    I love it too Shannon!

  6. I like the rustic aspect of that eat sign so I would add color via some countertop accessories. You would only need one planter in a bright color, a colorful striped spoon jar (you could makeyour own with electrical tape stripes in all of your colors) or a pretty cookbook set up on an easel.

    Love the outdoor kitchen idea!

  7. Pink! Pink! Pink! I always love to tell others to go crazy with color even though I'm super boring. ;)

  8. I wasn't sold on the painting EAT, but I love how it looks in pink! I know this isn't surprising.

    Nick and I were just having the conversation tonight about how splurging on lighting doesn't really add value to resell. Hope that make you feel better about going with the more affordable ceiling fans. Also please remind me of this in the future I have a feeling I will need to hear it.

    Outdoor kitchen for the win. I promise to visit as soon as it's up and running!

  9. YES PAINT IT! It would be just the right amount of pop-o-color. DO ITTTTTTTTTTTT!

  10. I like the orange eat. And now I am certain I need an outdoor kitchen....


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