June 28, 2013

June '13 Recap

Happy Friday!

Quick heads up before we get to this month's roundup: Google Reader is going away on Monday, July 1st.

If you haven't done so already, make sure to sign up for a new reader! I've signed up for Bloglovin' and Feedly and love them equally. They're both free and make it very easy to import all of your Google Reader feeds so you won't miss out on what your favorite blogs have to offer you :)

PSA over, let's get to June's monthly recap!

I used to refer to these roundups as "monthiversaries" but we've lived in our house for a year now - a year and one month to be exact ;) - and it seemed silly to continue calling them that. I still like the idea of having one post that showcases everything we got done during the month though so here it is!

We hardly got anything done this month (boo!) but we did do the following:

Checked in on our 2013 home goals:

Filled you in on some behind the scenes projects:

Made some progress on our office:

DIY'd a pipe curtain rod:

Slowest. Month. Ever.

Thanks for sticking around during my blogging funk, guys! I appreciate it :)

Here's to hoping next month is better!

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  1. I really love that new book case of yours. Can't wait to see your styling magic on it :)


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