June 24, 2013

Office Progress

Who's ready to see the progress we've made on our office?!

It's been a while since you've seen it so here's a couple of photos to refresh your memory of what the very messy before looked like:

Here's what it looked like after I moved all of the crap out of the room and brought our desks back in:

And here's what the progress we've made on the room looks like now:

It's much better but we've still got a ways to go!

We painted the walls Benjamin Moore's 'Revere Pewter' over Memorial Day weekend:

It is the perfect gray but it's also a chameleon gray. Sometimes it looks like a brown-gray, sometimes it looks like a green-gray and other times it just looks gray. I love it and want to paint every room in our house the same color haha

We also hung some curtains:

(Sorry for the blown out window. They're tricky to photograph and I don't have a fancy enough camera to fix the problem.)

I still need to hem them but shhhhh! don't tell anyone - it'll be our little secret ;)

Some art was hung up too!

That's the large abstract piece from West Elm, in case you're wondering. It's sold out now but you could always paint a similar piece of your own!

I also manhandled the gray chair that was in our living room up our curved staircase by myself (my boyfriend was working and I'm impatient) last weekend to see how a little seating area would look:

At first I thought the chair was way too big for the small room but I was too lazy to drag it back downstairs so I left it in the room. It grew on me (and our dogs!) so I brought a few other things into the room (table, lamp, accessories, etc.) to further the seating area idea and I love it so far! My little lady does too :)

Anyway, there's plenty of room for my desk chair:

Even when I pull it all the way out from the desk:

Speaking of desk chairs:

On a whim one day, I brought two of the new patio chairs we bought for our soon-to-be outdoor dining room upstairs to see what'd a pop of color would look like in the office. Needless to say, I loved them so they've stayed. Not sure what'll happen if/when our outdoor dining room comes together but apparently the chairs are for indoor use only so there's that haha

I still need to turn my boyfriend's desk into a campaign style one like mine. I'm also planning on adding a gallery wall above our desks but I still need to decide what's going to be hung there and then buy some frames for loose pieces of art. I also need to style our desktops and figure out how to hide/disguise our modem and router.

Did someone say styling?

I have a lot of that to do:

(Psst: say hi to my new navy Vittsjo shelving units! I'll post more about them soon!)

Ignore what's on the shelves now, those are just some recent purchases I brought upstairs along with some of my boyfriend's things. I'm going to attempt to mix our things together on the shelves. He's a gamer and a bit of a geek (I say that with nothing but love) and I'm a knick knack hoarder so the styling is going to be tough. I plan to document it all though so stay tuned!

What do you think of the room's progress so far? Who wants to come help me style?

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  1. Looks awesome already. I'm in love with the gold octopus and I'm guessing that the gazelle bookends are for in here as well? I want them ;)

  2. looking great! and sorry, but I absolutely will not ignore that gold octopus. Gold octopus!

  3. Nice changes Caitlin! I love the shelves in navy and the pop of color from the chairs.

  4. This is gorg! So jealous that you have a dedicated office! Can't wait to see how you wrap it all up and make it *perfect*!

    It's Always Ruetten

  5. Thanks Julia! Yep, the new bookends will end up on the shelves as well :) I saw another pair on Etsy if you're interested! I'll send you the link!

    Thanks Bonnie!

    Glad you love the octopus, Gretchen! He was a weird distressed mint color when I bought him but it wasn't anything a can of spray paint couldn't fix ;)

    Thanks Crystal!

    Thanks Julia! :)

  6. gah i love it all! the ikea bookshelves look great and im in love with those colorful chairs! and the big chair looks so much better now that it's layered in. cant wait to see it completed :)

  7. Fun fun!! I'm looking forward to hearing more about those shelving units, and if they line up nice and evenly, or if you had to discreetly hook them together, or whatever. I have a few little Expedits that I can't butt up against each other since they're each a -little- off and it looks crappy.

  8. OOOOOH WEEEEE! Look at those shelves! I am wildly obsessed with them! Your office is smashing. I love it.

  9. Looking good! I'm drooling over those chairs!

  10. I love the layout of the office. Can't wait to see those shelves styled. I love that navy so much!

  11. I just purchased these Ikea book shelves and I love the navy blue you painted them. Did you spray paint or use brushes? Also, what paint color/spray paint did you use?

    1. I spray painted them. I used Valspar's "Indigo Streamer" spray paint in a satin finish. You could always use a roller/brush to paint them but I used spray paint since I had three shelves to paint and I find spray painting to be quicker than regular painting. Hope that helps!


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