July 23, 2013

Changing My Mind, One Stool At A Time

I love when people send me links to check out the projects they made based on our tutorials! Mrs. Crane was the latest to send me the link to the bathroom shelves her and her husband made based on our first chunky wooden floating shelves tutorial! They did such an awesome job – go give her and her blog some love! :)

I have this thing that I like to refer to as designer ADD. I don't know if it's real or not but it's when you find something you like and then purchase it but fall in love with something else a few months later.

Case in point: my barstools…

I bought these guys back in April after a very long search:

They've served us well (even though I can count the number of times they've been sat on on one hand) and while I liked them when we first got them, the honeymoon phase is over and I've moved on to something else.

The "something else" would be Target's Lewiston bar stools:

[ Image via Target ]

I spotted them on Instagram about a week ago and haven't been able to get them out of my mind. I went and checked them out on Saturday and fell in love! Insert crappy iPhone photo in 3...2...

They're so sturdy and look much more expensive than they actually are ($74.99/each)! To make sure that this was love and not just lust, I quickly Photoshopped them into our kitchen to see how they'd look:

Swoon! <3

I was worried that the swivel part of the stool would cause the seat to become wobbily when it was fully raised but it has this awesome lock-in feature (no idea if that's the technical term) where the seat stops spinning and kind of "locks" in place once it reaches it's full height. I sat on the stool and wiggled back and forth trying to get the seat to wobble or tip but it didn't budge! I took my boyfriend to see them last night because he's a bit of a stickler on how things function and they passed his test with flying colors :)

I'm ready to move on from my current barstools so I put them on Craigslist and am patiently waiting for someone to come get them so I can put that money towards these new ones! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

In the meantime, here's a comparison of our current barstools:

Anddd our hope-to-be new barstools:

What do you think? Do you love them as much as I do? Do you suffer from designer ADD?

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  1. Yes, I know what you are talking about with designer ADD and I'm totally feeling you with this one!
    Love the Target stools. Good luck selling your old ones on CL!

  2. ooh! i'm digging the new stools you like. I totally get designer ADD however my husband won't let me switch up like that. hah!

  3. Uhh, those are AMAZING! I definitely have design ADD. Thank goodness for Craigslist right? How else could we justify replacing perfectly good things with new things. Hope your currently bar stools sell quickly so you can take those new beauties home!

  4. I never finish spaces because I'm constantly getting distracted and changing things I've already "done." I am hoping that doing mood boards and getting a room done that way helps keep my attention long enough to follow through with something. Of course with all that being said, I love the target bar stools and totally see your point!

  5. I'm always happy to hear I'm not the only person in the world with design ADD. I'm ALWAYS changing my mind. I'm diggin the new stools. Ya done good :)

  6. LOVE the new stools! I may have to snag two myself. . . thanks for sharing :)

  7. Great stools! 75 bucks at Target seems a little cray cray, though! Every room is my house is unfinished because I suffer from serious design ADD... Of course, a shoestring budget might contribute to that as well! (But mostly the ADD.) ;)

  8. design ADD = consumerism.
    Yes, it's a dis-ease.

  9. I saw those bar stools- Target just keeps steppin it up!! And yes, I always want to repaint something, change the art over here, maybe change this light fixture and go for a completely different look. Um yeah. I'm there.


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