July 25, 2013

How to Mount a Dishwasher Under a Granite Countertop

Our dishwasher had been "broken" for the past few weeks but we were able to fix it ourselves for $8!

Nothing was technically wrong with it but whenever we'd pull the drawers out to load/unload the dishes, the entire dishwasher would fall forward, like so:

See how the metal pieces on the left and right are sticking out past our granite countertop?

The bracket on the left is simply missing a screw but at some point, the bracket on the right came unstuck from underneath our countertop and wasn't holding our dishwasher in place anymore:

It was annoying but it didn't really bother us too much and we kind of just adapted to the situation knowing that we couldn't fully pull the drawers out or the dishwasher would tip forward. That being said, my boyfriend was in a "let's fix things" mood last night so we took a trip to Home Depot to get some supplies.

We picked up some Extreme Mounting Tape from Scotch (located in the paint aisle by the other tapes) for $6.97, and some screws that fit our bracket for $1.18. We already had the razor blade and Goo Gone on hand so this little fix only cost us $8.15! $8.82 with AZ tax ;)

Sidenote: your screws may be a different size than mine so make sure you double check your screw's size before you assume that the size I got will fit your bracket.

I started the project by spraying a thin layer of Goo Gone on a plate:

Then I unscrewed the unstuck bracket from the bracket that was attached to our dishwasher and placed it sticky side down in the plate of Goo Gone:

I waited about 5 minutes and then I started scraping the adhesive off with a razor blade:

NOTE: scrape AWAY from your body/hands when you're doing this step! I know it looks like I'm scraping towards my body but I wasn't actually scraping anything, I was just posing for the camera so I could show you this step :) Don't risk cutting yourself by scraping the wrong way!

Anyway, after a few minutes of scraping, the adhesive wasn't budging much so I sprayed some more Goo Gone on and let it sit a little longer:

It took a bit of effort to scrape everything off but I got the bracket pretty clean my first round:

I sprayed the remaining adhesive with more Goo Gone and let it sit again:

I scraped the larger chunks off with the razor blade and then I scrubbed the rest of the adhesive with an old sponge to get as much of the old adhesive off of the bracket as I could:

I cut a piece of the mounting tape the same size as my bracket:

And stuck it in place, over the screw hole to prevent the top of the screw from coming up too far in the bracket and scratching my granite:

After I did a dry run of the bracket's placement underneath our countertop, I removed the mounting tape's backing:

I carefully lined my bracket up with the silicone caulk marks that were left from when the bracket was previously installed and pressed it in place to the underside of our countertop. I held it in place for about a minute just to make sure it was secure:

I moved our dishwasher around until the hole in the bracket that was attached to our dishwasher was lined up with the threaded screw hole in the bracket that I had just stuck to the underside of our countertop:

I grabbed one of my screws and screwed the dishwasher's bracket to our countertop's bracket – NOT to the granite itself:

I don't know why but the screw was missing from the other bracket so after I got this one secured, I screwed the dishwasher's bracket into the bracket that was still stuck to our countertop on the other side.

I waited a few minutes and then I gently pulled both drawers out to see if our dishwasher would fall forward. It didn't!

Both brackets are securely stuck in place now which means our dishwasher is no longer "broken"!

I still need to touch up the caulk around the edges of our newly stuck bracket but I wanted to show you how far the screw comes up out of the bracket:

It doesn't stick up very far and doesn't even come close to touching the granite but it could if my screws were a little longer which is why I ran the tape across the entire bracket (including the screw hole) a few steps back :)

Have you ever had this problem with your dishwasher? What causes the brackets to come unglued? Heat and vibrations from the dishwasher?

Psst: for those of you wondering but not asking – we have 3 cm Bianco Antico granite countertops and have a full bullnose edge. This will mean nothing to you until you start to search for granite countertops and people start asking you size, type, and finishing questions :)

Also, I don't know how our builder installed our dishwasher but the brackets we have look like these ones from Granite Grabbers!

Disclaimer: I can't guarantee that your dishwasher will be mounted to your granite in the same way that mine is or that using mounting tape will work for you. Differences in materials and tools used, and your skill level, will yield different results. I cannot be held responsible for a failed mounting attempt or an injury of any kind so proceed with caution and at your own risk. If you don't feel comfortable tackling this project on your own, consult a professional!

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  1. I am glad you could come up with a way to fix your dishwasher tipping problem. :)

    If you need to in future, you may be able to secure your dishwasher to the sides of your cabinets. There are plugs that hide the screws inside the washer, so it is very discreet.

  2. I'm so glad I didn't have to do this myself at home ;)

  3. Thanks for sharing info. Today almost every kitchen has granite worktops installed. But for mounting a dishwasher a professional person is to be called. But after reading your post this has become so easy and can be done by own.

    Granite Countertop

  4. I have this exact problem! I'm so happy I found this blog again.

  5. I had the same issue when I replaced an older laminate countertop with granite. The top clips on many dishwasher simply slide off and can be moved to the upper side slots for mounting to the wood cabinet frames. Very easy.

  6. Anyone knows where I can get a mounting bracket like that - the one to which the 3M adhesive is attached?

  7. I have a dishwasher attached to adjoining cabinets with screws through the unit into the cabinets, not through tabs. Having not removed the DW to inspect I suspect that the small screws have worked a bigger whole into the particle board cabinet sides making the DW loose. anyone have a fix?? Thanks

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Remove the screws from a stripped out screw hole. Shove a bunch of toothpicks into the hole to fill it, but break off the extra so it if flush with the outside of the hole. Then put the screw back in. The toothpicks will hold the screw in place where the hole was previously stripped out.

  8. I have granite countertops can I buy a Plastic tub dishwasher?

  9. This was very helpful. I didnt know they made anything like this. There is actually a kit that I just bought at Lowes. Go to the appliance section and it should be where the accessories are. it comes in a small box, it includes 2 brackets, double sided tape, and screws. it cost $10.


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