July 29, 2013

IKEA Vittsjo Shelving Units: Geek Chic Style

Our office shelves are D-O-N-E! I finally finished styling them over the weekend and have successfully blended the geek (my boyfriend) with the chic (me)!

For those that are new here, my boyfriend is a gamer. He buys collector's editions of video games which come with limited edition items like statues, art books, and other miscellaneous collectible things. You can see two of the statues below – a Killzone one on top of my DIY faux malachite boxes and one from The Last of Us on the far right.

Sometimes I feel like his stuff isn't represented as much around our house as my stuff is so I wanted to style the shelves with a mix of our things.

I don't love all of the statues he has but I know he doesn't love all of my knick knacks either haha

I'm not going to lie, styling these shelves took a lot longer than I thought they would. I had a hard time mixing his things in with mine because they're so different but overall I feel like the styling represents both of us and I love how the shelves turned out :)

Let's take a look around! Fair warning: there's a lot of photos below this sentence so grab yourself a drink, sit back and relax, and enjoy the eye candy :)

I hung a few pieces of art on the wall behind the shelves to give them some added interest:

I filled my DIY pyramid stud vase with a bunch of army men because... well, why not?

I think it's interesting to see what kind of books people have on their shelves. For those of you who feel the same, here's our little collection:

I wanted each shelf to have a combination of our things on it:

I love this little wooden carved "speak no evil" monkey I got from HomeGoods a few months ago. The creepy Splatterhouse mask from one of my boyfriend's games? Not so much haha

Some of you may remember the gold octopus I had on the shelves when I showed you the progress we made on our office last month. Here he is again in his final destination :)

Mixing my boyfriend's things in with mine meant I didn't have to spend a dime to style these shelves! Yes friends, I had that. much. stuff. I still have more that wasn't used too!

See that mask in the top left corner below the feather?

It's one of my boyfriend's collectible items I actually like!

Speaking of collections...

We have a joint collection of Johnny Cupcakes pins that we keep adding to the glass zipper bag my boyfriend got me:

It sits on top of a stack of random books:

Confession: I don't love how I styled the very top of the shelves but they're OK for now. I'd love to get some long artwork that would span a long length of the shelves but I don't want to take anything away from our gallery wall:

Fun fact: my Giuliano De Medici bust weighs 25 pounds! Yes I weighed him haha It's also been sporting this masquerade mask and mustache for 2 years. I took it off once and he looked weird so it stays!

The Walking Dead zombie head freaked a few of you out the last time you saw it. It freaks me out too but it's actually pretty cool! The screwdriver comes out of the guy's eye (gross, I know) and unlocks the head so you can tip it backwards to get the blu-ray that's stored inside. It's weird but really creative haha

The wine box below came from the catering company my boyfriend used to work for before he moved to Arizona. I don't drink but does anyone know if it's a good wine? The name seems pretty fancy!

I wasn't sure what to put in the lowest shelf behind the chair since the chair would block it.

I went with a basket that holds a blanket in case the temperature ever drops below blowtorch level and I want to cover up while reading in the chair. Yeah right, I don't read haha

You've come a long way little shelves!

Here's the I-just-set-the-shelves-up-and-haphazardly-put-some-things-on-them before:

And here's the geek chic after :)

What do you think of the shelves? Are they what you expected? Have you ever had to blend two styles together?

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  1. I love how the combination of you and your boyfriend is displayed. It turned out beautiful! My favorite is the glass ziplock bag. I have a slight obsession with ziplock bags LOL. And I love the gold octopus and giraffes.

  2. I love how it looks. Based on what you have on your shelves, you are an interesting pair :)

  3. Your Giuliano De Medici bust is so well photographed and artsy; it is definitely the most eye catching piece for me. :)

  4. I love that you mixed both of your collections. It's hard to do, you did it beautifully! xo Kristin

  5. that was quite a challenge. Maybe you should try out for design star! but i really liked how you did it. and I'm envious of your chic things!

    this is giving me ideas of how to do my angled shelves (which aren't the easiest thing in the world!) but it adds so much interest

  6. You did a great job styling these! I have to admit that I probably would've just stuck all the "geek" on the bottom shelf in a row & decorated the rest with the "chic" but I love how you managed to combine them! Nicely done.

  7. I'm struggling to combine my boyfriend's decor with mine right now- it's tough! So I give you a lot of credit.

    Question- where is the agate/stone bookend from? I've noticed you have a few agate related decor items, and I'm having such a hard time finding some. I would love your suggestions!

    Thanks! Amanda

  8. Thanks Julia! Isn't that bag great?! I love it but it's made of really thin glass and I'm constantly worried it's going to break.

    Thanks Linda! Haha yes, we're a little odd ;)

    Thanks Yvonne!

    Thanks Kristin! I'm so happy the challenge is over haha

    Thanks Erin! Oooh, angled shelves sound interesting! If they're what I'm thinking, you could always anchor things to stand straight up and down on the shelves with some command strips!

    Thanks Sarah! My boyfriend really thought that's what I was going to do haha That or have his stuff all grouped together in one section and mine in another. I wanted a happy balance of both styles though and I think I pulled it off!

    You can do it, Amanda! :) Anything agate/stone related you see around my house has come from a local gem show I frequent every late January/early February! They sell wholesale pieces to the public for dirt cheap and I stock up then. I've also seen agate decor pop up at HomeGoods if you have one of those near you. If not, Target is selling faux agate pieces now!

  9. You've been busy!! Mr. Medici has totally won me over. He can sweep me off my feet any ol day ;)

  10. Yes I have been, Caroline! Medici is pretty cute haha I just hope his weight won't cause the shelves to buckle and come crashing down!

  11. Totally worth the wait :) Well done, the shelves look amazing! So many cool things, love the monkey and the owls.

  12. Your shelves look fantastic! I actually love the addition of your boyfriend's collectibles - it's so much better to have things that spark conversation, rather than boring chotchkies from HomeGoods. I don't know if you watch Big Bang Theory - but if you do, I think this would totally be how Penny would style her bookshelves if she lived with Leonard.

  13. They look amazing! I'm exhausted just thinking about all the work it must have been to get them to look that way. Feel free to send any wine this way to be consumed post childbirth. Just throwing that out there!

  14. What an expert job you did, mixing the geek and chic! Seriously!! I'm sure all male counterparts would appreciate having their things being taken into consideration the way you've worked so hard to take your boyfriend's. Did you edit anything out or use all of his collectibles? I would have been tempted to nix a few of the items you used, so kuddos to you for using the more gruesome ones! ;)
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you hung things on the walls behind the shelves. I always say that it's important to use the back, middle and front of shelves when styling. (I talked about it in a post here: http://mwdesignstx.blogspot.com/2013/04/do-it-yourshelf.html)
    I have never seen pillows used to style shelves and I just love it! So creative!!
    Really, it's a wonderful collection of things that are so interesting and tell a lot about you guys as a couple, which is so important when you're decorating and designing. This really is a wonderful success! And those shelves are totally gorg. Thanks so much for sharing such a great project!

  15. Nice job combining the two! A few of my favorites are the dog print, the small vase in front of the monkey (it looks like the smaller version of the big one I got from Target recently) and the glass zippered bag.

  16. Love the IKEA Vittsjo shelves. Great styling. The comment about about the Big Bang Theory is bang on! Where did you get teh bust from? Gonna get the glass zipper bag now.

    Vidya @ Whats Ur Home Story

  17. Thanks Sonja! Glad you like them :)

    All Put Together - We're HUGE fans of the Big Bang Theory and your comment made my day! If Leonard and Penny ever move in together, I'll get in touch with Chuck Lorre and see if he'll let me style their apartment ;)

    Thanks Amber! He doesn't have any of that wine, sadly. I actually asked him how he got the box and he said they were throwing it out one day so he grabbed it to put his socks and underwear in haha

    Awww, thank you Melanie! You're so sweet :) No, I didn't edit any of the items out, I used everything he had except for the boxes the stuff came in but they were just your typical packaging, nothing special. In fact towards the end of styling the shelves, I kept asking if he had more stuff because I was running out of things to use haha Off to check out your blog!

    Thanks Crystal! I actually went scouting for those vases after I saw the one on your made over console table but none of the larger ones had deep yellow bands like yours did so I chose a smaller one that did. Great minds ;)

  18. This turned out AWESOME. I'm always so impressed by how well you can style shelves. And this is just so much space, I would have been overwhelmed for sure. I just dont' have the patience.

    I really love how you mixed your styles. It really feels curated (overused term of the century) and intentional. I love it.

  19. Thanks Kim! I'll admit I did get overwhelmed during the process because you're right, there's so much space to work with! I sat and stared at the shelves a lot when I would get stuck just trying to visualize what was next. Curated is a great compliment and is the feeling I was hoping to achieve :)

  20. Seriously, you are a master. Like a Jedi Master of styling. You have done such a fantastic job of integrating both of your loves...it's awesome!

  21. I love how they turned out! And how awesome that you didn't have to buy anything new to fill them up. I seriously own almost NO stuff that I could use to decorate shelves (unless we're counting Hot Wheels, I have A LOT of those!), and I'm always hesitant to buy it because I'd so much rather use stuff that is special or meaningful, exactly like you did. Anyhoo. They look fantastic and you did a great job of keeping it chic and classy while mixing both you styles and interests. Beautiful!

  22. Found you via a Vittsjo search on Pinterest. What caught my eye first was the mix of sizes and shapes of all the accessories and how they fill up the shelves nicely. Funny to see what some of them are up close. You did a nice job of mixing all the gamer stuff in with your pretties.

    The second thing I noticed is that the Vittsjo is painted blue. Love! We've all seen it painted gold, which is great, but I like to be different. I've been considering painting mine blue too, so I was delighted to come across yours. Your blue color is nice and dreamy, kind of like the color I've been thinking of painting my living room walls, which is also where my Vittsjo sits. I have some royal blue spray paint on hand, so I might just go for it because it would probably still look cool if I do paint the walls blue too.

    If you don't mind, I'd like to feature/link to this on my blog!

  23. Caitlin,

    You are so crazy talented! I'm really enjoying going through some of your posts. What an eye you have and I love the bit of fun and whimsy you put in each space. Can't wait to read more!

  24. HI!! I love these! I'm currently looking at getting these shelves... Did you paint them? And with what?

  25. I LOVE that gold bear. Where is it from?

  26. "in case the temperature ever drops below blowtorch level" literally made me laugh out loud.....and then chuckle a few minutes later when i thought about again.......and then again when i went to copy and paste it here. Love the whole look.

  27. Thanks for the article, it is very instructive. I found this website if you would like to read further infomation: http://www.archiexpo.com/architecture-design-manufacturer/office-shelf-1408.html

  28. I want to know more about the gold bear!!!

    1. The blue shelves not avail in france or usa. Only,red,white,dark. Where are you?

    2. I'm in the USA. I bought the black-brown version of the shelves and spray painted them blue!

  29. Would you mind sharing the paint color? Was it difficult to paint? Looks beautiful!


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